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My Valentine’s Day card dilemma

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So Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. To some that means a romantic dinner, to others it may mean flowers delivered to work (who doesn’t love the walk from reception to your desk carrying a vase full of beautiful flowers??) or maybe even a mushy Hallmark card sitting on your bedside table. To me, however, it means 3 kids with Valentine’s Day parties at school – yikes! Don’t get me wrong, I love a class party with red juice and cookies (preferably nut free) as much as the next person but it is all the prep work that I have to do with the kids that gives me a tiny knot in my stomach.

Party #1 is for my 3yo J. J has autism spectrum disorder (a blog for another day) so he attends school out-of-district (that is “special needs parent” talk) and is in a class of 6. J needs to wear something red to school and cards are optional.

Party #2 is for my twins who are 5 and in pre-k (yes…I held them back, again another blog for another day). Luckily I missed the sign up sheet for their party (oops did I say that out loud?)  but they are to bring in cards for all the kids in their class (there are 18 counting them) AND the teacher “suggested” that each child sign his/her name to each card. The teacher also “suggested” having the child write out the cards in groups of 5 so as not to overwhelm them on Monday night.

So here it is Sunday night and I have the cards in my trunk (unsigned) and I have no clue if J will have anything red to wear to his party – I think he has red pants that may, or may not, fit and he may have a shirt with red in it – that’s good enough right? Anyway, on to my card dilemma.

J’s cards will be easy enough, he will be using any leftover cards from the twins and I can sign his name and no one will care. The twins are another story. I know I should have planned ahead and bought the cards in January and then I could have had the kids sit down every night after dinner to sign them. Seriously though, that is just not my style. I am more of a last minute kind of person. I do better when the clock is ticking. Besides, what fun would it be to go to the store and browse through a variety of cards when you can go a couple days before and pick through the mess for something that isn’t pink and sparkly.

I thought about trying to get the twins to start signing their cards tonight but that didn’t happen (cut me some slack it was a bath night). The chances of me getting two 5yo’s to sign roughly 16 cards tomorrow night is pretty much slim to none. So I have come up with my own solution. I will do what any other mature, professional, mommy of 4 would do – I will sign the cards and try to make it look like I am a 5yo boy. I will admit this only to you so please don’t tell anyone, it will be our little secret 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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