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Work friend, real friend or both

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After college when I got my first “real” job I remember thinking how there was a definite difference between “work friends” and “real friends”. “Work friends” were people you were forced to interact with on a daily basis and not necessarily people you would choose to spend time with. After all, the only common bond you shared was that you all worked for the same employer.

Well it’s been awhile since my first job and  I am happy to report that over the years some of my dearest friends are people I met at work. Each friendship was created during a different phase of my life. I met L when I was single and 23; J when I was a newlywed debating a career change and Midge when I was in my 30s and she was 18 and fresh out of high school.

We were an odd sort of match. Midge was (and still is) young and cute with a bubbly personality people are drawn too. I am shy and quiet and tend to hide in my cubicle.  In the beginning I took on the role of mentor to Midge. I would offer advise on school and careers, remind her to vote and would (if asked) give advise on relationships (both romantic and non-romantic). Then a funny thing happened, Midge started to grow up and took on the role of mentor to me.  

Midge taught me how to text (anyone who knows me could probably not even fathom me NOT texting), work my Ipod and to take pictures with my pink razor phone. She introduced me to Facebook and also taught me how to “search” for old boyfriends on the internet. It is also because of her that I now eat seaweed salad, know what Skinny Girl is and can hum along to a Rhianna/Ememim duet.

A couple of weeks ago Midge announced that she will be starting a new job and beginning  the next chapter of her life. While I am sad that she’s leaving me (I tell her this daily) I know that I can call her a friend and  even though I won’t  be able to grab her to get coffee with me at 8am, she will always be there if I need her. Good luck Midge you will be greatly missed!!


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