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TGIF…well sort of

Thank God It's Friday

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Happy Friday! Fridays are a mixed bag of emotions for me. You see, I am off on Fridays. Let me clarify that, I do not go into the office, sit in my cubicle and “work” on Fridays. Instead I am  at home “working” (ie: tending to my 4 boys (under the age of 6),  their various schedules and all the stuff I put off doing during the week).

My hat’s off to you moms (and dads) who stay home everyday with your kids! Being home is 100% harder than working outside the home. When I am at work I can leave some of my mom duties at home. Sure there are still phone calls and parent/teacher conferences but for 8 hours I don’t have to worry about making sure the kids are dressed/teeth brushed (my aunt does this for me – thank you) or if I need to switch the wet clothes over to the dryer. Better yet, I do not have to referee a fight between my twins as M uses his Spiderman umbrella as a lightsaber on J.

Work is sometimes like my oasis, well relatively speaking. While at work I can make phone calls and not be interrupted. I can eat my lunch without having to get up to get M lemonade or J water or to clean up the pretzels that spilled on the floor. I can have an adult conversation about things other than Batman and Team Umizoomi and I don’t have to change any diapers!! Also it’s quiet at work and I can hear myself think.

Don’t get me wrong, on Fridays I like not having to get up at 5:30 to jump in the shower before the husband and I kind of like not having a specific schedule to adhere to. I do love when the kids  look at me with excitement in their eyes and ask “mommy…are you really  home with us today?” I like having lunch together and letting the kids hang out in their pjs a little longer than usual – we even take 3yo J to the bus stop in pjs (the kids not me – usually).

What I don’t like on Fridays is the lack of schedule (OMG is it already time to leave for the bus and I didn’t make J’s lunch yet?), the vacuuming and bathroom cleaning (didn’t I just clean that bathroom) and the laundry –  the mounds and piles I have put off for the past couple days thinking the Laundry Fairy would come do it for me.

Now as I sit in the kitchen typing, L is sleeping on the couch (miracles do happen) and  the twins are playing and fighting simultaneously, I think TGIF!  What is wrong with me??!  I miss these kids when I am at work.  Yes, they drive me CRAZY but they are also growing up  and I know sometime  soon it won’t be excitement in their eyes when they ask “mommy…are you really home with us today?”

So I am going to make the best of my Friday, I am going to make us lunch and take us to Target (I will even let them look in the toy aisle)  and I am going to appreciate my time with them and hope they enjoy their time with me.

Happy Friday everyone make it a good one.

ps – The kids are home from school until next Wednesday so I can not promise I won’t run out the front door for work next week 🙂


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One thought on “TGIF…well sort of

  1. Your boys are so blessed to have you and you are setting an amazing example for them!

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