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Birthday Wishes and Bon Jovi Love

Real Life (Bon Jovi song)

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This weekend is my very best friend’s birthday.  I met J (I’ll call her Mrs. Jeter) over 12 years ago when I was working at a law firm in Northern New Jersey. I had returned from my honeymoon and Mrs. Jeter was sitting in my file room waiting for the office manager to find her an office (I am a paralegal and she is an attorney). The first time I met her she was at her desk and there was a vase of lilies in front of her, a gift from her new fiancé. Mrs. Jeter was all smiles when I introduced herself telling me about how she had just gotten engaged and was planning a wedding for the following summer.

Over the next couple weeks I found myself “filing” several times a day so I could hang out with Mrs. Jeter. We had a lot in common having grown up a couple of towns from each other. We both attended U of Delaware (go Hens!), we loved tv, going to the movies  and celebrity gossip and, most importantly, we got each other’s sarcasm.

Our first real bonding experience came when I had an extra ticket for the Bon Jovi concert. I was “filing” and telling Mrs. Jeter how my brother refused to pay the $100 for the ticket to go with me when she turned to me and said I love Bon Jovi, I’ll go! We had the best time at that concert. The seats were terrible (3 rows from the top) but we sang and danced the entire concert. A friendship was born.

Mrs. Jeter has been with me through it all  – marital woes, trouble getting pregnant, being pregnant, family dysfunction and autism – and always knows the right thing to say.  Mrs. Jeter can always help me find the humor in a situation and help me not take myself too seriously. She allows me the occasional pity party and gives free therapy sessions.

We text or email each other all day long much to the dismay of our husbands (whom we refer to as 2 & 3 since they share the same name). Only Mrs. Jeter could get a text that says 12 more hours until bedtime and get what it means and not pass judgment.

We share a love of chocolate, red wine and margaritas – we used to share a love of cake and cookies but now she is gluten-free. Mrs. Jeter also insured that I got flowers from George Clooney on my birthday and cookies from him this past Valentine’s Day. We sound like an old married couple and I guess in a way we are.

 HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday to my dear friend Mrs. Jeter!!! Thank you for being my friend. I hope you get to sleep past 6am and watch Lifetime movies while reading EW or People magazine. I also hope  3 buys you a gluten-free cake that tastes as good as a “real” cake 🙂

ps – Mrs. Jeter will completely understand why this is being posted today and not on her real birthday no explanation needed



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One thought on “Birthday Wishes and Bon Jovi Love

  1. Thank you for that beautiful post! I love you my pseudo-sister! You’re the best and I am the lucky one :). PS- George wants me to make sure your Oscar dress is ready for Sunday…

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