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Crock Pot Buddies – Pulled Chicken

a slow cooker Oval Crock Pot

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Hello to my favorite Crock Pot Buddies!! (CC Fowler and The Harried Mom) Here is another recipe we have tried at my home a couple of times, it consists of  3 ingredients (probably better suited for a Yugo and not a Caddi)

Pulled Chicken

4-6 boneless chicken breasts
1 bottle bbq sauce
8oz cola (I have used both regular and diet)
red pepper flakes (optional)

Place chicken in crock pot and cover with bbq sauce and cola (add hot pepper flakes if you choose). Cook on low 5-7 hours and voilà – pulled chicken.

Serve on rolls or in a wrap or over rice. Enjoy!


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One thought on “Crock Pot Buddies – Pulled Chicken

  1. You are the queen of 3 ingredients! Will absolutely try this one!

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