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Good night, sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite

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Since becoming a mom way back in 2006, I can divide my life into 2 time periods – before kids (BK) and after kids (AK). Everything BK is a distant memory, things I may not have appreciated or just took  for granted. Not the milestones like meeting the husband on a blind date, getting married or even turning 30. I mean the little things, day-to-day things that I assumed would always be there. Shopping in the mall without a stroller, bypassing the toy section while on a  Target run,  eating out at the local diner (sometimes 2x in the same weekend) and being in the bathroom (whether it be for a shower or for “other” reasons) alone.

Mostly I look back on the BK things fondly and don’t dwell too much. Life AK does not allow me the time to sit around and think about the good old days. I have diapers to change, laundry piled up, kids to feed, toys to pick up and drinks to pour. The one thing that I miss and long for every day is sleep.

I am not talking about sleeping till noon on a weekend after a night out or taking a nap on a lazy, Sunday afternoon. No the sleep I am talking about, and miss oh so much, is the glorious, dream filled sleep you get from simply sleeping  though the night uninterrupted.

BK I would go to bed around 10 or 11pm and wake up at 7:30am for work and maybe 9 or 10am on a weekend. I NEVER appreciated how good I had it.  I got pregnant with the twins in the fall of 2006 and that was the last time I slept through the night.  First, there were the nighttime feedings (those lasted FOREVER in our house. Then there were (and are)  the colds and ear infections or maybe the occasional stomach flu. Just when you think you’re on your way to a good night sleep you get whacked with bad dreams or bed wetting or a 2yo who thinks my bed is his.

I always tell people (especially new parents) that you can not describe the tired that you feel AK.  You have to experience it to fully appreciate it  Pulling an nighter in college  is NOTHING compared to being in a dead sleep and hearing the words mommy..mommy…mommy are you sleeping? at 2am or finally getting newborn twin 1 to sleep when twin 2 would wake up screaming for his bottle.

I think once you become a mom your sleep is never the same. Moms can always hear the kid who is crying or coughing and know exactly which kid it is.  Moms are the ones who check under the bed at 3:00am for the monsters or wait up on the couch for the teens who missed curfew.

I have accepted that I will always be tired and never sleep the way I did BK.  When I tiptoe into the kids’ room at night and look at their sweet, sleeping  faces I know I wouldn’t  trade life AK for all the sleep in the world – just maybe a nap now and then.


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2 thoughts on “Good night, sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite

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  2. Agreed! People who are BK just don’t understand the sleep thing AK- they say things like, “Just sleep when the baby sleeps!!” As if the bottle-washing,dinner-making, fairy will appear magically during your nap with Junior and take care of everything else. Or what about the ones who think hubby will alternate getting up at night with you? Hardy har har…. Count your blessings if you are one of those lucky ones!!

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