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The sitcom is alive and well IN MY HOUSE

 I have read a lot of blogs lately which talk about the demise of the beloved sitcom. I agree with all of them. There is nothing out there that can compare to Seinfeld or Friends. I will even date myself and add Mad About You and Family Ties as being some of the great ones. Sitcoms, the good ones at least, made you look forward to watching tv to escaping your reality for 30 minutes every week.

They featured characters you liked or could relate with. People similar to the ones we interact with in our own lives. Everyone knows a Marie Romano (Ray’s mom on Everyone Loves Raymond) or a Monica and who doesn’t know a couple who fights like the Costanzas.

I can accept that sitcoms are a part of the past but I can’t say that I miss them too much. I can’t miss them because I live one EVERYDAY in my life adventures of working, being married and raising 4 boys. While I would love to tell you that my little sitcom is reminiscent of some of the greats like Family Ties or The Cosby Show or even Growing Pains (yes, I am a child of the 80s). No, my life is more like Roseanne with bits and pieces of Everyone Loves Raymond and Murphy Brown thrown in.

My family and I live in a 2 bedroom townhouse and share 1.5 bathrooms (no, that is NOT a typo). There are 2 adults and 4 boys (under the age of 6) and a dog that occupy all 4-5 rooms. At one point we had a dining room (room 5) but that has since been made into the play room since monster trucks and Hess trucks were taking over (hence 4 rooms). My husband and I both work full-time jobs in careers that are not life fulfilling but pay the bills and enable us to have health insurance (which is where the majority of my paycheck goes), put food on the table and go to Target.

My extended family all live within 15 miles of my house so we tend to gather in groups of 10+ most weekends and think nothing of stopping in uninvited to each others homes. My aunt and uncle (who fight like the Costanzas) babysit all my boys in my house everyday and had to get a Mazda 5 to accommodate all the car seats (it looks like a clown car when you watch them all pile out).

We even have a contractor named Nick that has become a semi-permanent fixture in our home. Nick comes and goes as he pleases and thinks nothing of ignoring voicemail no matter how pleading they are. As I type this I am staring at a knocked down wall with pressboard on top since the counter top we ordered is apparently not in — for the past 3 weeks.

Most mornings I get ready for work with 1-3 kids in the bathroom with me, stealing my make up or flushing the toilet for no reason. When I attempt to make lunch the 2yo will literally attach himself to my leg until I pick him up. The twins are often playing ninja or Star Wars with their Spiderman umbrellas or watching Nick Jr. in a zombie like trance coming to every once in a while to ask for a drink or breakfast.

This morning I was drinking my coffee when I had kid 1 asking repeatedly to play Angrybirds on my phone (apparently the more times you ask the more you insure Mom heard you) as kid 2 went into the pantry to get Goldfish for breakfast and kid 3 decided on the Breakfast of Champions – m&ms. Did I mention kid 4 climbing the back of my chair and pulling on my hair while the husband sat across from me completely oblivious watching You Tube on his phone?

I don’t even blink an eye anymore if someone runs into my room wearing nothing but a Green Lantern mask and underwear, carrying his Green Lantern Canon Blaster declaring that he must get the bad guys with red eyes. There is no such thing as privacy, I don’t think I have been able to use the bathroom alone since 2007.

It’s not uncommon in our house to argue with someone over why you have to go potty when you wake up (even if you are too tired to move from the couch). That, no, you did not come out of mommy’s mouth when you were born and no, I really don’t know what a dead mouse tastes like. Just the other day one of the twins told me I never make anything “good for dinner” and by good he meant chips.

These are all true stories and I did not exaggerate any of it. What I liked most about the sitcom is that it didn’t promise to solve every crisis in 30 minutes or that there would be a happy ending wrapped with a bow every week. No, the sitcoms I miss were the ones that demonstrated that although we all live different lives we all share similar circumstances and occurrences in our lives and it is ok to laugh about the curve balls life throws you. If you can laugh, everything is some how a little better.

I am not sure what the name of my sitcom would be maybe “Six is a Crowd” or “Make room for Mommy” or “What Were We Thinking.” I do know that there is always something to laugh out loud about since my life is ALWAYS chaotic and almost always comical.



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