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My Life Sucked Today or Maybe it was Just an Inconvenience

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You know when you are just having one of those weeks? A week when at the end of each day you tell yourself tomorrow will be better and then tomorrow comes and it’s not. Welcome to my week!

I really thought nothing could top Tuesday (the day of my horrible “tough love” review at work). Well today ran a close second and left me saying my life sucks all day. Today was day #4 of no babysitter. I had used up all the alternate sitters so it was my turn to stay home (again). Lucky me also had a project due today at 4pm. No need to panic, I can do this I thought to myself. I emailed everyone at work and advised that I would complete the project from home. Piece of cake right?

NO! After I hit send I realized a) there would be 3 kids home with me, b) I needed to stop into the office to pick up some stuff to complete the project and c) J has out-patient speech on Thursdays at 8am and needs a ride to school afterwards. HELP!

I arranged for my uncle to take J to speech and school so that was one thing off my list. Well sort of , except J decided he wasn’t leaving the house today. This meant I had to carry him to the car (with no coat) and me wearing no shoes or socks. Did I mention it was raining and 38 degrees out?

Next was the trip into work with the twins and L (my 2yo terror). I tried to make the trip sound fun but the twins had already seen where I work so they were on to me. So I did the next best thing, I bribed them. Today’s bribe was munchkins as many as they wanted. Too bad I had to dig around for their Valentine’s Day money to pay for them since I had given my uncle my debit card for J’s speech.

The complaining started as soon as we pulled out of my complex but I raised the volume on the radio and ignored it the best I could. Overall the trip into work wasnt too disastrous and the kids were fairly well behaved unless you count L getting pushed off my chair and hitting his head on the wall, the twins killing each over the buttons in the elevator and L hitting the alarm button in the elevator on our way out. On the van ride home the kids sang along to the radio and I chanted my life sucks in my head.

I set the kids up with munchkins and Nick Jr. and attempted to “work” in my office kitchen when we got home. The kids would come in every 10 minutes to announce that they were thirsty or hungry or tired or bored and I would ignore them mostly. At one point I found myself telling M it was time he taught himself how to pour orange juice and telling L to go take a nap (like that would ever happen). In between, I also managed to do some laundry, clean up spilled orange juice (L not M), take the dog out, play phone tag with the IS guy at work about the error message on my computer and get J off the bus.

Somehow it all got done. The error message went away and the project was complete. The kids were fed and bathed and even played some Wii bowling before bed. Now as I sit here and recap my day I think it was probably unfair of me to say my life sucked today. No it was not a great day but did it really suck? Maybe everything that happened, the sick sitter, the work project, kids fighting, J’s tantrum , etc. were just inconveniences. Inconveniences that helped me prove to myself that I could make it till bedtime and finish what I needed to do.

I can’t promise that I will not use the mantra “my life sucks” again. In fact, I can’t promise that it won’t be used again this weekend or tomorrow for that matter. However, I will try to stop and think before I use it – and make sure I have plenty of munchkins to use for bribes.


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2 thoughts on “My Life Sucked Today or Maybe it was Just an Inconvenience

  1. Holy cow did you accomplish A-LOT today! Again, I am in awe.

  2. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    Days like that do suck! It’s okay to have a sucky day. Tomorrow is a new start 🙂 I hope today sucks less.

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