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You’re not my Mommy ANYMORE!

Lego Battles: Ninjago

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It started off as any other Wednesday morning in the House of Chaos. L greeted me in the shower at 5:45 asking for a bottle and M soon followed telling me he wanted to watch tv (how I could help him while in the shower I havent figured out yet).

After getting ready I went into the kitchen to warm up the Keurig, make lunch, take the dog out, feed the dog, etc. when J announced that he was hungry. I told him to give me a couple of minutes to get organized and then I would give him his cereal (sans milk). He whined a bit but got interested in Nick Jr.

Fast forward to me getting ready to leave for work. I go into the living room to say my good-byes and get kisses when I hear the twins talking about show-and-tell today (yikes, why do I ALWAYS forget show-and-tell). J lets me know he is bringing in a car (as always) and M tells me he is bringing in the “Kill Zone 3” guidebook he got from daddy – Houston we have a problem!

“Kill Zone 3” is some game my husband plays (I couldn’t tell you what game system it is on) that is pretty much about these robot looking men killing one another with various weapons (ie: an ice saw) and driving tanks. NOT the type of book that would be welcomed at a pre-k run by a church.

I tell M the book isn’t a good idea because it will scare the girls. He tells me he doesn’t care. Ok, it is now after 7:30 and I am going to be late for work. I suggested other things (Legos, Transformers, cars) and none were to his liking. He was bringing in that book.

 NO! I finally said. Well with that his lip came out and started quivering and he yelled You are NOT my Mommy ANYMORE!! and went to cry in the corner next to the couch.


I know M didn’t mean what he, heck he probably didn’t even understand what it really meant but it still hurt. M is my first-born twin, my little bugman how could he tell ME such a thing? I am his mommy, the one who takes care of bad dreams, finds Bear before bed, buys him the sprinkle cookies from the food store and reads to him about Lego Ninjago. It wasnt that long ago he told me I was the Best Mommy Ever.

The words echoed in my head the entire ride into work. When I got to my desk I immediately called home to see how M was. Was he still crying? Did he feel guilty? My aunt (the babysitter) told me M was now bringing in either a gun he crafted out of bristle blocks or his Ninjago book and was happily eating a waffle and watching tv. And just like that it was over.

I am sure M will have worse things to say to me as the years go by,  but for now I am happy just being the greatest mommy ever.

ps – M brought in his Captain America figure with shield.


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One thought on “You’re not my Mommy ANYMORE!

  1. We realized tonight that we missed preK show & tell for Finn two days ago. The teacher must think we are the WORST parents ever…this is not the first time. 😦

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