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But what did THAT mean???

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The husband and I were given a couple of hours without the kids thanks to my aunt and mom. We used the time to run some errands hoping to get an iced coffee afterwards. We went to Lowes and looked at light fixtures for the kitchen. The husband got all embarrassed when I asked the sales person where bulbs for his flashlight were (had I not asked we would still be searching for an 18 volt bulb). Afterwards I even introduced the husband to Trader Joes.

Before heading home I suggested we stop at the little mall across the highway. I told the husband the boys needed pants but really I wanted to go in one of my favorite stores –  Anthropology. I love Anthro!! The clothes, the jewelry and even the little chatchkies are just great. Unfortunately,  Anthro is 100% out of my price range so I am usually confined to the sale section.

I was feeling pretty good about myself when I walked in. I was wearing jeans and a new shirt and even lip gloss (it was my date “afternoon” after all). I found a couple of things to try on and headed to the dressing room where Lynn greeted me. At Anthro they introduce themselves, take the clothes from you and write your name on the door as opposed to Target where your told to put what you don’t want on the rack in the corner.

Lynn took the clothes from me and commented on the cardigan I found. I said how much I loved the color and hoped it fit to which Lynn said yeah, it’s great, my mom just got it the other day and well, it just flatters her…it should look good…, with your skin coloring.

Really??!! What did that mean? Did it mean I looked old enough to be her mom or that only a mom (of a 20-something) would try on that particular cardigan or that I was too fat to try it on? I tried the clothes on quickly (the sweater did look really cute) and paid. I was feeling a little deflated when I caught up to the husband at Barnes & Noble (which could also have been because I paid way too much for a sweater on sale). I told him what Lynn said and he laughed.

When we got home I told mom the story and she told me I took it the wrong way, as usual. Maybe but mom didn’t see Lynn’s face when she said it. I guess I will never know what Lynn meant by the seemingly innocent comment. I am probably just being overly sensitive about my age/appearance and should just be happy with my sweater (especially after what I paid).  How would you have taken the comment?

ps – if you see me wearing a very cute open-cardigan in a greenish-blue color be sure to tell me I look 10 years younger in it 🙂


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2 thoughts on “But what did THAT mean???

  1. I bet you look great in that sweater! Is it like the bathrobe?

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