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My love/hate relationship with the fire truck shopping cart

Why don’t you take J with you food shopping, he never spends time alone with you my mother “suggested” this past Sunday. Food shopping is usually my “alone time” (sad isn’t it) but mom did have a point. Rarely do I spend any alone time with J (my 3yo with autism) aside from fighting with him to get dressed or go to the bus stop.

Wanna go to the store with Mommy J? YES! he yelled as he ran to get his shoes. Guess that answered my question. Off we went to my favorite food store McCaffreys.

McCaffreys is the Nordstroms of food stores. It’s prices are a little higher than the average store (ie: Shop Rite, Stop & Shop) but everything just looks so much nicer. Apples are shiny and stacked in neat pyramids, vegetables are fresh and look slightly misted AND the average wait time at the deli counter is maybe 5 minutes (that alone is worth the trip).

So J and I get to McCaffreys and I find a cart to stick him in. NO NO NO! he says. Dude, we gotta get in the store, what is the problem? Truck, truck he says.

I look across the parking lot and see what he is talking about, the infamous fire truck shopping cart. O-M-G NOT the fire truck cart!!

Have you seen these carts? In theory they are adorable! It’s a regular shopping cart and attached to the front is a fire truck (or police car) with 2 seats and 2 steering wheels (with horns that beep). The truck part looks sort of like the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe car. However, these carts are dangerous.

First, the inside of the truck is a petri dish of germs. The steering wheels are dirty and god only knows what kids do when they are inside the truck. A parent can’t see inside the truck when pushing the cart (unless you to walk around to the front of the cart and bend down to look inside).

Second the cart is impossible to steer, especially when you start on your food shopping journey. The regular cart is empty (or maybe has some produce in it) and the fire truck is weighted with your kid(s) so when you attempt to steer the cart takes off in a separate direction. Wait, that is not the best part. Trying to turn from 1 aisle to another is really fun. You actually have to give yourself a running start and go wide to make the turn. This is NOT appreciated by the other shoppers, which is obvious by the sighs and dirty looks, when you sometimes bump their cart with the fire truck.

Lastly, check out is like an obstacle course. Once you manage to fit the cart in the check-out lane (no easy feat) you have to figure out a way to slide yourself past the cart to start bagging. Due to the size of the cart, it is almost easier walk around another check-out lane to start bagging (luckily McCaffreys bags for you AND they group similar items in the same bag).

J and I survived our food shopping trip with the fire truck cart. J was as happy as a clam in that damn cart. He didn’t complain or try to get out once. He happily steered the dirty wheel (of course I had no wipes) and beeped the horn and would say Moni…look wheel! Looking at his happy face made the torture of the cart all worth it(sort of).

I leave you with one last thought on the fire truck shopping cart, this HAD to be invented by a man. A mom would have test drove it first.


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10 thoughts on “My love/hate relationship with the fire truck shopping cart

  1. Mom B on said:

    See how worth it to see that adorable little face?

  2. Haha love the last two lines 😛

  3. I totally hear you, my two kids love those shopping carts, and a fight is sure to ensue between them as who gets to sit on what side. I wish they would all just go away!

  4. Kim McCluski on said:

    very cute story…isn’t that the truth about a mom test driving it

  5. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    I hate these too- one time I was waiting at the deli counter with my son in one of these and another customer told me he was chewing the wheel!! So gross.

  6. Great picture. My twins love it and it’s one of the easiest ways for me to get through some last minute shopping with them. . . . . . L
    But yes, the germs freak me out

    • I also have twins and it was helpful when they fit (they are almost 6 now) in the truck part. MUCH easier than cramming them both in 1 shopping cart or taking 2 carts (i only did this 1 time). Thanks for reading 🙂

  7. terri basile on said:

    NO WIPES! cant i ever leave u alone , but i have to put the thought out of my mind cause jakie looked very happy

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