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Things that make me go Really?????

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Happy Wednesday. I am in a bit of a mood today. We are having a slight heat wave in Central New Jersey (it’s like 75+ everyday and it’s only March) and I am running out of clothes to wear to work. It was great the first couple days but now I am over it and would appreciate the return of  March-like weather (please save all your boos till the end). I am not ready for my hair to frizz (which it has done the past couple days) and to run the ceiling fan every night.

Ok now that I have gotten that off my chest, here are some other things that make me question what the hell people are thinking. This list is in no particular order

1) Bright Yellow Non-Sports Cars:
Why? Maybe if you own a Corvette or some other sports car yellow is acceptable (if colors like silver, red and black are not available) but if you drive a Ford Focus or a Honda Fit is yellow necessary? Why do you want to draw so much attention to yourself? Are you that starved for attention? Do you like your co-workers knowing if you’re in the office because they can spot your car the second they pull into the driveway?

2) Cell Phone Use in a Public Bathroom:
I love my iPhone, I really, really do. In fact, it is seldom out of reach. However, I do draw the line at brining it in the bathroom with me. Sure if I am using a public bathroom it’s in my purse or coat pocket but I don’t make calls while doing “my business.” What call is SO important that it needs to be taken while you are sitting on a toilet in a public bathroom? I can see, maybe, if you take calls from your home bathroom at least there it’s private. A public bathroom is public! You have no idea who is in the stall next to you.  I can bet that whoever it is doesn’t want to hear the details of a deal you are trying to close. Better yet, I can almost guarantee the person on the other end of the call dont want to hear the flush of toilets before you close the deal.

3) Wearing White Pants with Black Undergarments:
I love white pants in the spring/summer. They look cool and crisp when paired with a cute shirt and flip-flops at home or with a great linen jacket for the office. However, they should ALWAYS be paired with nude undergarments. NEVER NEVER  do I need (or want) to know what color underwear you have on when you decide to wear white pants. I thought this was an unwritten rule but apparently a lot of people missed the memo. What is even more disturbing is that people forget to look in the mirror before leaving the house to see if their “monday” underwear or polka dot thong is showing. Maybe pants manufacturers should attach a warning label to white pants/shorts (instead of a security tag) that says “WARNING: only buy these pants if you intend to wear nude undergarments”

4) Adult Women who wear Logos on their Backside:
I don’t care how in shape you are, if you are a mom you should refrain from wearing the word “pink” across your butt when you shop with your teenager. I will go as far as to say if you are over the age of 22 pants with logos should only be worn in the privacy of your own home. I get that it is cute, I owned a shirt in college that said “get behind the Hens”  but I was 18 not 45.

5) People Who Use Turn Signals Incorrectly:
The point of a turn signal is to alert the car behind you that you are to turn left/right. What is the point of using it if instead you suddenly slam on the breaks, begin to turn AND THEN put the signal on????

6) The Chinese Buffet Restaurant:
I love a salad bar or even a brunch buffet. I don’t really get the need for a Chinese Buffet Restaurant though. I enjoy beef and broccoli and moo shu chicken as much as the next person but an entire buffet filled with chinese food?? How much fried rice can a person eat? Better yet are the chinese buffets that offer other types of foods like pasta or chicken fingers. If you don’t like chinese food why did you go to the buffet? If you eat pasta at a Chinese buffet, you should be ashamed of yourself.

7) Wearing Season Inappropriate Clothing:
Like I mentioned the weather has been quite warm in NJ the past week and it’s only March. WHY are people wearing shorts and flip-flops? I can understand if you are a kid or on a sports team but an adult in Shop Rite?  And why is it only the out-of-shape-adults whip out the shorts first? The older gentleman I saw in the food store on Saturday in shorts, with knee-high, white socks and sneakers, should not have been allowed to leave his home. People it is March there will be plenty of time to wear all your summer clothes I promise.

8) Selecting the Bathroom Stall Next to Another Person in an Empty Bathroom:
We have this problem at work a lot. The bathroom is empty when you get there so you pick your favorite stall (everyone has a stall they prefer). A couple of minutes later someone walks in and uses the stall right next to you. Why? There were 4 other empty spots???

I am done, no more venting (for today).  Happy Hump Day everyone, hope it’s a good one.


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2 thoughts on “Things that make me go Really?????

  1. Mom B on said:

    Wow – anything else annoy you today? And you would hate my “apparel” since by tomorrow, I will probably be wearing capris since if it was 80+ in July I would and so would you, so if it’s 80+ in March you wear your down coat?????

    Also, I particularly like Chinese buffets, but agree that there should only be Chinese food at these, not pasta.

    Also agree re: the cell phones in bathrooms. Try walking down a crowded NY street filled with very important people who have way more important things to do then to let you pass while they stare at their phones mesmerized by them!

  2. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    My son fought with me today because he didn’t want to wear a jacket- “none of the kids bring jackets” – I tried to explain that it was March and could rain or get cold at any moment , but I think it is a losing battle now. Crocs and flip flops from now til September. Ps- anyone concerned that its going to be about 200 degrees in July at this rate??

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