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There is always that one guest who won’t leave the party

I must throw a kick ass pity party because it was going strong well into the early morning hours (5:22 am BEFORE my alarm went off). I tried to make it stop but you know how there is always that one guest left standing? The one who never takes a hint and leaves? Well that guest was moi and I was just not quite ready to let the party be over.

Really I tried. I woke up before my alarm and got out of bed. I did my hair and make-up and went to work (the day is always better when wearing lip gloss). I got to work and even managed to get out of my sports car mini van and go into the building (albeit very slowly). I even put on a fake smile when greeting co-workers in the hallway.

As I sat at my desk staring at my screen saver working diligently the party was alive and kicking. I started to heavily sigh when checking emails, I exhaled ever-so-loudly when I went to get coffee and let’s not discuss the silent tantrum (that took place in my head) when I saw how my hair looked in the bathroom mirror.

Once back at my desk I decided I didn’t care about anything (especially that today was a weigh-in day with Jack the trainer/motivator) so I broke out the jellybeans (my kryptonite during Easter). I didn’t even pick out my favorite flavors I just ate them by the handful (I ate the white ones voluntarily??!).

Occasionally I found myself smiling (for real) or even dare I say laughing out loud (thanks Mrs. Jeter) but put an end to it immediately once I would catch myself – no laughing at my pity party extravaganza! However, at the end of the day (15 minutes past the time I leave) my phone rang. Not recognizing the phone number I toyed with ignoring it but curiosity got the best of me. Turns out it was a consultant I was begging trying to get help from on a project I have looming over my head. This guy didn’t know me from a hole in the wall, all he had was an email I quickly typed up (again thanks Mrs. Jeter) and yet, he was THE nicest person I spoke to all day. Consultant man took time out of his day to help a total stranger AND was nice about it. Heck, he actually made me laugh and feel better about the project when we hung up.

When I got in the car Kelly Clarkson was playing on the radio (LOVE Kelly) and I found my head bopping a little (not too much, the party was not completely over). After dinner was cleaned up (and the wine drunk) I watched the 2 little kids kill each other play with their brother’s Batcave. The fun they were having with that damn thing. Everyone was in the Batcave, Spiderman, Green Lantern, the construction man from a toy bulldozer and even Alvin from an old Happy Meal. They didn’t care, they thought it was great. I was envious of how simple life is for kids.

Gradually the party ended and I snapped out of it the last guest FINALLY left. Hopefully that will be my last party for a while.



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One thought on “There is always that one guest who won’t leave the party

  1. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    Good move leaving the party. You should buy yourself some lipgloss as a “favor” – retail therapy always helps.

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