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These little lights of mine – boy do they shine!

Today was the twins Easter show at pre-k (technically the Palm Parade). I bought them new polo shirts and even ironed their khakis before school (there would be other parents there and they had to look good). I took a half-day from work and was armed with my iPhone (completely charged) and a front row seat. This would be my “babies” last Easter show.

The piano started playing and soon I saw the twins marching at the front of the line and my heart skipped a beat. Look at how handsome and big my babies have gotten. They waved to me and the husband and I noticed their cheeks get a little pink once they realized how many people were there to watch.

They stood next to each other and would occasionally glance in each other’s direction (when not looking at the floor) during songs. I tried to hide my laughter when Josh would make a funny (probably embarrassed) face after each song (my aunt swears it is the same face I make).

Before we knew it the show was over. The crowd erupted in applause and the kids marched back to their classrooms. Another milestone over but many memories made.



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One thought on “These little lights of mine – boy do they shine!

  1. Mom B on said:

    How so sad! Josh must hate these things. I bet Matt more of a ham?

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