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There’s no place like…..Mommy’s bed!

I remember being little and getting so excited when my mom would let me sleep in her bed. Back then, having a chance to sleep in mom’s bed was not all that common (whereas now L thinks my bed IS his bed). It was usually reserved for being sick or having a bad dream. I can remember running into mom’s, room in the middle of the night, hoping (with my whole being) that mom would pull the covers back and invite me in. Ahhhhh, mom’s bed was the fluffiest, most comfortable place in the world.

That is so funny to me now. Back then no one knew, or cared, about thread counts and mom was not big into pillows but still, mom’s bed was a sleeping oasis.

Well my life has come full circle, at least in terms of my bed. It seems there is nothing better to my kids (all 4 under 6) than my bed. As I mentioned, my 2yo L truely believes that my bed is his bed. He climbs in at all hours and falls fast asleep (Dr. Ferber would NOT be happy with me).

Even today, my bed was THE hot spot in the house. Fridays are my day to “sleep in” (ie: awake at 6 not 5:30) and while I was relishing in the coziness of my covers, in jumped my 3yo J with a hi moni! J immediately settled in with a pillow (I am big into pillows so there must be at least 6) and a blanket and happily nestled with me.

Later, I had managed a 5 minute shower (no exaggerating) and when I came out of the bathroom, there were the twins and L playing in my bed like it was a bounce house. There were pillows everywhere and the covers were strewn but the smiles and giggles were priceless.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times that I wish my bed (and bedroom) were a private oasis. A place that was kid-free (this includes toys). A place where I would be able to arrange my pillow shams (all 4) and decorative pillows to be “just right” and know they would remain like that until I turned the bed down at night. However, that is a fantasy. It seems daily that I just place the celery green pillow on the bed and BAM in jump the little kids, playing hide and seek in my euro shams (gasp!).

Sometimes I yell, sometimes I sigh in defeat and other times I just laugh and turn away. After all, there is NO place like Mommy’s bed!



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3 thoughts on “There’s no place like…..Mommy’s bed!

  1. nowickcandle on said:

    This is the same situation in my house! I put my two year old to sleep in his bed and within a couple hours he’s back in our bed. I’ve tried to get him to go back to his bed but honestly, I’m to tired to care at 3 in the morning!! It’s easier to just let him crawl in 🙂

  2. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    That’s a great pic!! So cute.

  3. So true! it’s not uncommon for my three boys to be all happy and blissfully snuggled up on the pillows while I lie across the bottom of the bed desperately trying to get a little more sleep – not usually successfully!

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