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Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been in a bit of a funk this week. Not sure why. The weather has been nice, the kids are healthy (knock on wood) and Nick (the missing contractor) stopped over briefly the other day (no, he still is not finished).

I tried my usual funk remedies, chocolate (check), red wine (big CHECK), chocolate covered jelly beans (double-check) and take-out (check). None of them worked.

I thought blogging would help clear my funk. But last night as I sat at the table with my laptop my mind was blank. Usually an idea will just pop into my head but last night I had NOTHING. O-M-G I have blogger’s block already??!! How can this be? Could I have already reached my blogging peak 40 posts in?!!!

I consoled myself with Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Greek Yogurt (I ignored the fat content telling myself it was greek yogurt after all) and caught up on Mad Men (ahhhhh Don Draper is SO dreamy).

Today I decided it was time to use the big guns to clear this funk. No more torturing myself reading “friends” happy Facebook posts or peppy tweets (why is it that EVERYONE is always happy when I am not). No, today I would take matters into my own hands – I would shop at lunchtime.

A new shirt, cardigan or even a cute pair of earrings can always get rid of a funk. YES! I should have thought of this sooner. At the stroke of noon I grabbed my keys and headed for the mall.

I walked into the mall with purpose, I was on a mission – a mission to buy me some happiness (on sale of course). I started off in White House Black Market. I looked through the sale racks and quickly found a couple tops to try on (I was avoiding pants, no need to depress myself further). Into the dressing room I went and out I came with NOTHING.

Ok, not a big deal it was just the first store. Next stop Anthropologie. I always find something I like at Anthro. I studied the racks in the back sale room, gathered my finds and headed to the dressing room. The excitement was building as I stood in line for a dressing room to open (apparently others were also feeling funky). Hmmm, how will I pick just one thing, I thought ssurely I will love everything!

Those thoughts were short-lived. Nothing was working. I toyed with buying an orange t-shirt, for the sake of buying something, but thought better of it at the end (thank god).

My need-to-end-my-funk shopping spree was a complete bust. Slowly I drove back to work thinking I should have bought a lip gloss at Lord & Taylor (mental note: lip gloss always brings happiness)

Mrs. Jeter told me to think of happy things like our movie outing tomorrow night (Hunger Games). Watching kids fight to the death should definitely wipe away any funk I have (Mrs. Jeter has also promised adult beverages afterwards). If that doesn’t work there is always Easter (baskets full of candy) and a long weekend. Ok, I am done babbling away. Thanks for listening I promise to be in better spirits next post.

ps – what are your funk remedies??

pps – I was greeted after work by all 4 kids wearing bike helmets in the tennis court, definitely got me to laugh



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3 thoughts on “Funky Blogger Girl

  1. I tend to go a similar route as you, ice cream, chocolate, sweets.

    Sometimes I go to the Boden website and put all the things I would like to buy my girls in a basket, then wonder if anyone at Boden can see what I am doing and is getting really excited about the hundreds of pounds someone is going to spend. I imagine their faces as I take it all back out again. That often puts a big smile on my face :o)

    • LOL i thought i was the only one who started shopping carts never to purchase what is in them. currently i have a cart going at Piperlime and Anthropologie!!
      thanks so much for reading, i REALLY appreciate it!!

  2. Mom B on said:

    Especially the littlest one with the too big helmet and ever present bink!

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