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My “Date” with the IT Guy

The Dating Game

The Dating Game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been a looooooong time since I have been on a date. I have been with the husband for 15 years and married for almost 12. When the husband and I met there was no internet, no texting and no Facebook (gasp!). We communicated by telephone (he had an actual land line) and would leave each other messages, on an answering machine,  if we were not home.  The late 90s were a “simpler” time.

Last week I went on a lunch “date” with the IT Guy from work. Wait, don’t get all uptight thinking I cheated on the husband. It was a “date” in the sense that I went out with a man, to lunch in a restaurant but that was it. It was really quite innocent and extremely weird at the same time. 

It all came about when my bff at work Midgie left in December to start a new job (please see my blog Work Friend, Real Friend or Both?). Midgie was friends with EVERYONE in the office (she was one of those young, cute, happy people who others gravitate to) and me and IT Guy would usually talk because of her.

There was the occasional happy hour or office party or maybe some sarcastic banter in the hallway but that was it.  When Midgie left we were both heartbroken and would complain to each other (me more) about how lonely we I was.

A couple of weeks ago IT and I met Midgie for drinks after work and she encouraged us to go to lunch and be friends. We laughed and changed the subject since neither one of us rarely left our desks, let alone the office, at lunch.

Then last week I got an email from IT that said i’m up for lunch if you are free Thursday.

O-M-G IT was asking me on a “date”. What should I do? How do I respond? What do I say? I didn’t want to appear desparate or too eager so I tried to think back to the old days when I followed “The Rules” . I wrote back K and put the ball in his court.

Days went by and I heard NOTHING from IT. Ugh, this was just like is was when I was single. I called Midgie who laughed and told me to just ask him when and where the “date” would be. Uh no, we are still in the email stage and I can’t look too eager I responded.

Finally IT sent me another email what time are we going to lunch?

OMG it’s official, we are going out. What will we talk about? Who will drive? What will I do if there is awkward silence (IT is a little shy).

The night before the big “date” I told the husband. He laughed, told me to have fun and handed me his fortune cookie that said “a new romance may start for you”.

On the way into work on Thursday I called Midge for a pep talk. She laughed (hard) and said it would be fine. She reminded me that IT was no George Clooney and that we were going to On the Border so I would be fine. Midgie didn’t get it. I hadn’t been on a date in forever and I didn’t want to blow my chance for a new work friend/lunch buddy.

Finally it was noon. IT and I met in the lobby downstairs and greeted each other awkwardly and walked to his car with neither one of us really talking. Great, if the “date” continues like this no way will there be a second one, I thought to myself.

The drive to On the Border takes about 10 minutes but it felt much longer. I made idle conversation asking him about his wife and son as he played around with the radio.

I thought we would sit at the bar or at an outside table but IT asked for a table for 2 so we were shoved in a booth. Ugh, this is so weird, I wish Midge was here!!

The margaritas could not come fast enough and when they did arrive you have never seen 2 people grab a drink so fast. Conversation mostly revolved around Midgie and our families with a little shop talk here and there. We laughed and made fun of co-workers and realized we had some stuff in common (same age, college, kids).

Afterwards, IT and I rode the elevator up to the office and parted ways in the lobby. I texted Midgie immediately and told her to email IT to see if he had a nice time on our “date.” Midge thought I had lost my mind (or was drunk) but did it anyway. IT told her it was “magical”.

I don’t know if IT and I will go out again. We havent really seen each other since the big “date”  but at least I have a funny story to share with my friends.


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3 thoughts on “My “Date” with the IT Guy

  1. Diane on said:

    That gave me a laugh for the day – I was meaning to ask you about that “date”
    .Only you would agonize over a work lunch!

  2. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    Did you have to wait 3 days before you could contact him again? Haha. Watch out with IT guys too- they can hack into your email system!

  3. Linda on said:

    Cant wait to hear what happens next. I got a vicarious thrill from your imaginary date! I guess that means that I could use a “date” too. Hmm……

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