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I bet you didn’t know that

Way back when I was a new Facebook user (circa 2008) there were these question/answer things that would occasionally come around, things with names like  “20 things you don’t know about me” or “10 things about my wedding”.

Users would post the answers  to their “notes” section (is this even around anymore?) and tag other people to fill out the survey and pass it along.  It was a way to get to know, or re-acquaint yourself, with friends.

Luckily those don’t come around anymore, really, what else is there to know about people on Facebook? However, I decided to put my spin on it and create the

 Ten Things You Probably Don’t Know About Moi  list (it was this or bore you with my family drama). 

Fred Flintstone

Fred Flintstone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) My first crush was Fred Flintstone and I was actually Fred for Halloween. My mom begged me to be an angel but instead I made her buy me the Fred box costume at the Nationals near our house – yabba dabba doo

2) I was a tiny bit shy in pre-k and kindergarten and would bawl my eyes out after my mom dropped me off.  As a result, I was nearly kicked out of kindergarten but instead had my desk placed next to the teacher’s in the front of the room

3) I was co-captain of my high school volleyball team. Anyone who knows me would probably find this hysterical since I am the most non-athletic person out there.

4) I have never been sledding

5) Cereal is my favorite food and I could eat if for every meal

6) I only listen to songs I know on the radio or on a cd. If I buy a cd (which is rare) I only listen to the 2 or 3 songs I know. This was not an easy thing to do back when we had cassettes (rewind-play)

7) My favorite meal is breakfast and my least favorite is lunch. This probably is related to #5

8) I was not only in a sorority but I also lived in the sorority house and shared ONE bathroom with 7 other girls. While our house was nothing like the ones in movies like Legally Blond, I will confess to there being a lot of alcohol and fun.

9) My prom date was a blind date. His name was Fred (I just realized how funny this is considering #1) and he was 21 (don’t worry I was 18 so it was legal). He was a mailman and a very good sport. After prom we went to “the City” to this club that was supposed to simulate The Wizard of Oz and I told everyone Fred was legal which meant he bought Long Island Iced Teas for my friends all night. Needless to say, I did NOT get a kiss from Fred when the limo dropped me off (and I was REALLY hoping for one).

10) My “free pass” is George Clooney. The husband has said that if George ever shows up on my front porch, I am 100% allowed to leave with George and fly away to Lake Como to live in his villa (I would send for the boys eventually).

So there you have it. What do you think, do any of these surprise you?? I hope you had a good laugh at some and would love to hear about some of your own interesting facts. Happy Thursday!



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3 thoughts on “I bet you didn’t know that

  1. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    These were great- and i must admit that some of these surprised me (Fred Flintstone?? Hmmm….). I guess no matter how well you know someone, they can still manage to surprise you now and then!

  2. Kim McCluski on said:

    cute articles Nikki 🙂

  3. terri basile on said:

    i remember fred well, wasnt he the one u spoke to in the saddle brook mall (by recorded phone message of course)

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