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Take 3 advil and don’t call me in the morning (please)

For weeks my friend Midgie had been asking me where I wanted to go to celebrate my birthday. I suggested the diner or On the Border for a margarita and some guacamole but Midge wouldn’t have it  This is a big birthday and you will not go to On the Border!! 

After much thought it was decided me, Mrs. Jeter and Midgie would meet in Princeton and pick a bar when we got there.

All day I fretted over what to wear. Would jeans make me look fat? Why didn’t I lose 10lbs? OMG look at all the gray hair showing! Do my black, patent wedges scream mom?  What do I do about my big mom purse, surely it can’t be cool to carry a Vera Bradley tote for a night out with the girls. Wait, do I look like I am trying too hard??!

At 8pm we all gathered and decided to head on over to the Alchemist and Barrister (A&B for the locals) for drinks. Me and Mrs Jeter were excited but Midgie was nervous, second guessing the venue and wondering if we would have been better off at the Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant.

We crammed ourselves around a small table and carefully read the menu before selecting our drinks of choice. Margaritas for me and Mrs. Jeter (the waitress told us it was a great choice because her mom loves them – Midge didn’t get why this was a little insulting) and a vokda-something for Midge.

We laughed and ate nachos and made up stories about some of the other patrons and had a great time! I was feeling fine and happy and it never really occurred to me that I should maybe slow it down or (gasp) stop. I figured I was drinking water so I was good (lol). Finally after I spilled my glass of Cabernet and posted some mushy Facebook post the girls decided it was time to go.

I stood up and attempted to walk out of the bar looking cool and put together but instead I tripped out the door (note to self all the “kids” wore flip-flops not wedges) and stumbled up the hundred or so steps (ok, maybe it was only 10 but it felt like 100) to the sidewalk.

I was ready to party and told Midge to call up her boyfriend so we could meet him out. Midge, being smarter than her 27 years,  knew it was time to get me home and off we went to find her car with me whining behind her.

 We were almost at her car when I spotted a very well dressed man sitting passed out on a park bench. He was wearing a blue dress shirt and fancy shoes without a scuff on them.

Only in Princeton could you see a well dressed man passed out on a bench. I frantically searched for my phone deciding I needed a picture with this man ASAP. This was the stuff memories were made from! It took some convincing, Mrs. Jeter and Midgie thought he was dead, but eventually they gave in (see below).

Midgie dropped me off at home and I somehow managed to make it upstairs and to pass out (literally) in my bed. I woke up the next day to see my bangle bracelets strewn all over the floor and my hair piled on top of my head in a clip.

My head was pounding and all  I wanted to do was turn over and bury my head in the covers, however, someone else had other ideas Mommy? Mom? I want waffles!  MOM, you said 5 minutes a long time ago, how long is 5 minutes because I am hungry????!!

Nothing brings you back to reality quite like the sound of a hungry 5yo. It took all day to recover from my night out (old age SUCKS) but it was worth it – I wonder if Princeton Man would agree.


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2 thoughts on “Take 3 advil and don’t call me in the morning (please)

  1. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    Good times- in the “old days” we used to cure hangovers with McDonald’s for breakfast and a day of lifetime made for tv movies! Always worked! That foolproof hangover cure was the best – ahhh another thing we have give up once we have kids 🙂

  2. terri basile on said:

    u had fun thats all that mattered

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