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My 2nd “date” with the IT Guy

I have really been milking my birthday these past couple weeks. To date I’ve had a bday dinner with my friend L, a night away with the husband and a happy hour with Mrs. Jeter and Midgie. I figured by the time Memorial Day rolled around I would be all birthday’d out until…. IT Guy asked me on a 2nd lunch “date”.

As you may remember, IT and I had our first “date” a month or so ago at On the Border. It was my first “date” since 1997 and I was a nervous wreck before hand with thoughts of What if IT didn’t like me? What if he never emailed me again or ignored me in the hallway? What if I never had anyone to go to lunch with again??!

All that worrying was for naught because IT and I had a lovely lunch, although it was the tiniest bit awkward and a little weird.

Anyway, last week IT emailed me and asked if I would be up for a birthday lunch on Tuesday (Midgie had reminded him). I played it off cool and said that would be nice, quickly texting Midgie to keep her apprised of the situation.

Tuesday came and I made sure to iron before leaving for work in preparation for my date. I got to my desk and there was a voicemail from IT canceling our date. It seems he had to make a diaper run to Target for his wife but he promised to reschedule. Damn no lunch AND I didn’t bring anything with me!

IT emailed the following day asking if I was free on Wednesday (yesterday). He said it was his treat since it was my birthday (and I was now his elder). A free lunch was rare and I was excited. My excitement was soon squashed, however,  when IT threw out his 2 date suggestions 1) Steak & Hoagie or 2) Romeos for pizza.


The buffalo cheese steak is to die for IT raved on the phone. No, I couldn’t bring myself to eat a the hoagie place down the street so I came up with Ruby Tuesdays for the $5 margaritas, and offered to go dutch. IT was sold!

We met in the lobby, so as not to have our co-workers start rumors (lol), and I told IT he had to drive since I had the husband’s Expedition and backing up was not an option for me (don’t ask). 

Lunch was more relaxed than last time.  IT seemed more at ease and neither of  us felt the need to  down our margaritas in one gulp. We discussed getting old and birthdays and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember. The only real awkward moment(s) were when we approached a door. IT didn’t know if he should hold it open for me or walk in front – I let him hold it, I am a lady after all.

IT is a bit of a clock watcher so after an hour and 5 or so minutes he was inching his way out of the booth (typical man!). On the elevator ride up to work I thanked him lunch (he treated) and promised to take him to Steak & Hoagie for his birthday in July. We parted ways when the elevator opened and quickly (IT more than me) went back to our desks.

Another successful “date” under my belt.


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One thought on “My 2nd “date” with the IT Guy

  1. Diane on said:

    You are something else. And you kept this a secret all this time? Can I ask how you managed to sneak in a picture?

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