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Witchy Woman

Picture of George.

Picture of George. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Driving home from work yesterday I was flipping through the radio stations when “Hotel California” came on. I raised the volume and began to hum along when suddenly I started thinking about the Seinfeld episode when Elaine’s boyfriend won’t let her use “his song”.

What was the boyfriend’s song???? Was it “Hotel California”?

I called Mrs. Jeter and before she could even finish saying hello I start asking …remember the Seinfeld when Elaine wanted to borrow her boyfriend’s song…was it Hotel California or Witchy Woman? Not missing a beat Mrs. Jeter responds Let me google and I can hear her typing in the background. Within seconds she is reading me Wikipedia’s summary of the Witchy Woman episode and the song in question was “Desperado”. (At least I had the Eagles right).  Satisfied we hung up and I laughed out loud recalling how Elaine sang “Witchy Woman” in Jerry’s apartment.

I LOVE Seinfeld. I remember when it first aired and everyone, my Grandma included although she called it Steinfeld, raved about the Chinese Restaurant episode. How could you not love Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer and even The Costanzas. These people were friends (before the actual “Friends” arrived) that showed up every Thursday night to make us laugh at the most mundane things.

It was not unheard of to be out in a group and hear someone say fusilli Jerry,  A Big Salad, The Bro, Assman  or The Contest and know EXACTLY what they were talking about AND be able to recite the entire episode.

When Seinfeld ended (I didn’t love the ending with them all in jail) I would watch the reruns on channel 11 every night (2 episodes back to back) and fall asleep to the tales of Cosmo Kramer, Putty stealing “Jerry’s Move” or The Costanzas screaming at one another over “all this paella” leftover when the Seinfelds backed out of dinner plans. 

I find myself relating everyday situations to a Seinfeld quite often. Lunch date with IT Guy? Jerry helping Keith Hernandez move. World peace? Black and white cookie. Dinner at the in-laws? Marble rye.

Wait I have more. Mid-life crisis? George doing the total opposite of everything he has ever done and landing a job with the NY Yankees.  Nothing to do during your lunch hour at work? Make a bed under your desk and take a nap. Just the other day Mrs. Jeter compared using the skip feature on Pandora to deciding if someone was “sponge worthy”  

A couple of months back I was getting coffee at work with Midgie and our friend Sam. We were talking about friends and cliques and I started comparing the situation to the Bizarro Jerry episode when Elaine becomes friends with an ex-boyfriend and she starts to realize that the ex and his group of friends are the polar opposite of Jerry and the crew.

Midgie and Sam just stared at me with their mouths open. What the heck are you talking about? they said in unison. Uh.. Seinfeld what else I responded slightly annoyed.  Seinfeld? Wait is that the show that takes place in California? Oh, I never saw Seinfeld what was it about?

O-M-G how can you not know what Seinfeld is??!! I utter in complete shock. The 2 of them just stare at me like I am nuts and remind me that they were born in 1984 and didn’t watch Seinfeld.

Wow, talk about a slap in the face. Not only were they insinuating that I was old, but that I was one of those “old” people walking around quoting old tv shows!!

I have since learned to only share my Seinfeld references with people who appreciate them. Channel 11 stopped playing the reruns

 but every once in a while I will catch an episode (when the kids aren’t watching Nick Jr.) and it’s almost a guarantee I will be laughing out loud about a puffy shirt, Even Steven or let us never forget yada yada yada!


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One thought on “Witchy Woman

  1. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    David Puddy would be psyched about the Devils being in the Stanley Cup finals 🙂

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