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The New Neighbor

The husband and I have lived in the same townhouse complex for a VERY long time. When we first moved in we were sure we would live here 5 years max and then move on to bigger and better things (i.e. 4 br 3.5 b colonial with a great room and fenced in yard).

Well life happened and 4 kids, a couple new cars, 2 dogs, the economy, the horrible real estate market and a home equity loan later we are still residing in our quaint and cozy end unit.

Living here as long as we have, we have come to be acquainted with many of the long time residents in our court and others. We may not know their names but chances are we know their dog or child’s name. Heck, we even made friends with our neighbors 2 doors down at #5. We had kids with similar ages and we would often host happy hours out back on Friday and Saturday nights. Sitting by their fire pit, the kids playing together sipping on an adult beverage made the husband and I love where we lived despite it’s coziness.

Last year our neighbors moved and it was a sad, sad day on our Court.  I still look over at their empty parking spaces and feel sad. The #5s were always around either in person or by text. We had been friends so long it was ok if you yelled at your kid(s) or even (gasp) used foul language over a child and said child’s behavior. No judging we had all been in a similar boat at one time or another.

Which brings me to yesterday. I had just gotten home from a Target/food shopping  spree and went inside to gather the troops to help me bring in the bags (I HATE carrying the bags inside and I ALWAYS forget to bring those recyclable bags with me).

The husband begrudgingly came outside to help and things were going fine until we got to the shelving unit I had purchased for the kids toys. It was pretty heavy and I had nearly killed myself getting it into the car. The husband has a bad back and the littlest thing will set off a week’s worth of my back hurts!!

Hoping to avoid a back injury I offered to help the husband carry the dumb thing into the house. We went back and forth (and back and forth) in the driveway until the husband finally picked up the thing and headed for the house. Me, being me, yelled after him (rather eloquently) I said I would help you so I don’t have to hear about your f—— back!

With that I turned to see our new neighbor standing by her car across the street. She is a single mom and moved in about a week ago so I had not gotten to meet her. As soon as I looked up she grabbed her kid and made a beeline into her house. The husband looks at me with a huge smirk and said way to go and I stood there feeling like WT Mom of the Year. All I was missing was a house coat and curlers in my hair. 

The husband let her borrow our take-out menus later on and I am convinced he told her he was an abused husband.

Oh how I miss the #5s, if they had heard me yell they would have laughed and chimed right in never would they have judged me. Who knows if the new neighbor and I will ever be friends or acquaintances or if she will hide when I am outside. I guess only time will tell.


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4 thoughts on “The New Neighbor

  1. Pat Ahearn on said:

    I’m calling DYFS…I can’t believe your kids were “playing together sipping on an adult beverage…”

  2. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    Ha! Yes I think you missed a comma or something there! New neighbor lady will love you and the boys ! Make her cupcakes.

  3. terri basile on said:

    cupcakes sound good with a funny little note u r a great cupcake maker

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