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Lunch Date with…..the husband

Plan B Menu

Plan B Menu (Photo credit: Qi-Guang)

After lunch last week, IT Guy and I decided that we are past the initial “dating” stage and at a point where we can be ourselves. For IT this means we can eat at Cheeburger Cheeburger and/or  Steak & Hoagie. For me, it means I didn’t  have to go out of my way to iron an outfit before work. 

Honestly, I hadn’t expected another lunch date for a couple of weeks based on our “dating” history, so I was surprised to get an email email asking if  I was free for lunch on Wednesday.

After a little debate, Cheeburger Cheeburger was chosen, mostly  because IT had heard you could get your picture taken holding a stuffed cheeseburger if you were able to consume some absurd amount of beef in one sitting (boys will be boys).

I mentioned my “date” to the husband last night and he made a face before saying Again? 

This morning I was making lunch for J and I toyed with the idea of making myself a ham sandwich. What if IT cancels  I will have nothing to eat.  Nah, he won’t cancel again.

I logged into my computer today and the first email I see had this written in the re line need to postpone lunch. Damn it, I should have made that sandwich after all!!

In his defense, someone was in the hospital and he had sent the email the night before so I wouldn’t whine that I had no lunch be without lunch. However, since I refuse to hook my work email up to my Iphone I sat at my desk with nothing for lunch but some lifesavers and a can of tuna.  Then an idea hit me, I’ll email the husband and ask if he wants to go to lunch!

Our text exchange went like this:

me: My date was canceled.

him: lol, why?

me: I dunno, someone was sick….wanna meet at the Tale?

him: K…you gonna pick me up?

I know, you are jealous of how alive our romance is after 12 years right?

Anyway, I picked up the husband at 12:20 and the first thing he says is OOOHHH…so you dress up for your dates huh? To which I reply Uh no, you never see me in my ‘work clothes’ this is how I look everyday. And off we went to the Tiger’s Tale.

After sitting in traffic (Hubby hates traffic) we got situated at a table in the bar and flipped through the menus. We made small talk over what to order, how the kids were after he left for work and if we would have a birthday cake for J tonight.

The waitress came to take our order (she was WAY too happy) and we stared at each other as only a married couple of 12 years with 4 kids could. Finally I broke the silence I am surprised you said yes to lunch?

The husband looks at me and smirks before saying Well yeah, I showed your text to Rick and he said I was your Plan B. But i figured we never go to lunch – and I may have points to use toward the bill (The Tale awards points for each purchase that can be redeemed at a later date).

After we were finshed and waiting for Happy Waitress to bring the check I asked the husband if he thought I would blog about our date. He started laughing (hard). What? What are you laughing at? I asked.

Still laughing  Rick told me he felt a blog coming on when you asked me to go to lunch  he said while pretending to be typing on the table.

I wasn’t sure if I should be insulted or not so I told the husband that our lunch was not blogworthy and asked if he was ready to go.

Later that afternon, I sat at my desk daydreaming (and stapling – my career is very exciting) and thought it was kind of funny that I texted the husband for a lunch date only after IT Guy canceled AND that he said yes AND called himself Plan B.

Well hubby, here you go, your first blog. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for lunch!! 

ps – Rick, I did not almost “run you over” in the parking lot 


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