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Mama NEVER said there would be days like this

Ahhhhh TGIM – Thank God it’s Monday!! Yes you are reading that correctly, I am happy it’s Monday.

This weekend was a challenge to say the least. I am not sure if there was a full moon or something funky going on with the gods above but all 4 of my kids were NUTS the entire weekend.

I have blocked Saturday from my memory – trust me it’s better this way  – but let me share a little of my Sunday with you.

It started off as any other day in our house, kids up early (like before 6:30 early) waking me up asking for drinks and breakfast, constant chaos and fights over toys and tv shows and a battle between a Clone warrior and Sponge Bob/Captain America (a/k/a M&L).

The twins have swim lessons on Sunday mornings and I was trying to get their stuff together when I realized M’s Avengers bathing suit was not clean. Oh no, this is not good. After digging through the bathing suits, all I was able to scrounge up were Spiderman and a Hawaiian print suit in M’s size. This was SO not good. The husband said M would have to deal and went off to take out the garbage.

I sent the twins upstairs to get dressed for swim and counted the minutes until the meltdown was sure to begin. 10-9-8-7-6 MMMOOOOMMM where is my Avenger bathing suit??!!

It’s in the washing machine, just wear what I left out and hurry up because Dad is leaving soon, I yelled from the kitchen.

I can’t wear this bathing suit, it’s stupid and I look like a poopy head in it. Mom, Mom, MOMMY I said I want my Avenger bathing suit, I want it now!!! ARGH!!! I am not going to swim, I HATE this bathing suit!

The husband started jingling the keys so I quickly ran upstairs to find M another bathing suit. By the grace of God, the Avenger suit was lying in the laundry basket buried under a pile of sheets – thank god! Crisis averted – sort of.

The little kids were engrossed in an episode of Team Umizoomi when I decided to take advantage and grab a quick shower. Umi was on for at least 15 minutes which was more than enough time, heck, they wouldn’t even realize I was gone.

I was just putting a little spray gel in my hair when I heard the bang of my canisters over the bathroom fan – uh oh. I yelled down to the kids and got no answer. Crap, this can’t be good.

I ran down the steps to find a kitchen chair pushed up against the wall and in the middle of my counter sat L holding the canister lid saying Cookies?

O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!! Get off the counter !!! I yelled (after grabbing my phone to snap a picture). How is this my life???!!

My brother was on his way over to help the husband move a couch so I knew I had to dress the kids. Lately, J has not wanted to get dressed and been a little “difficult” to say the least. Well today proved to be no different. After wrestling, threatening and screaming coaxing J was now naked in his room.

L was wearing a fireman rain jacket and repeatedly yelling Rescue! as he ran around their room taunting J. Finally in a last-ditch effort I took L outside and told J that he could come outside if he got dressed.

My plan back fired. J now stood in the hallway naked (in front of the storm door) and L ran in the street kicking rocks yelling Rescue!

Why me God?

Somehow J finally got dressed (and undressed and dressed again), L took off the rain jacket and I sat on the couch exhausted – it was not even noon!

The rest of the day was a blur that ended with me at Shop Rite around 8:30pm. Life is never boring in my house that’s for sure. But hey, it will get easier right?will get better right?


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2 thoughts on “Mama NEVER said there would be days like this

  1. terri basile on said:

    what to do with this little guy

  2. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    No place is sacred.

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