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The Other Woman (sort of)

The husband and I met on a blind date (arranged by our mothers) in May 1997. We had dinner and drinks in Hoboken and have pretty much been together ever since. We will celebrate our 12th anniversary this July and have raised 2 dachshunds and have 4 boys. After all this time, it is safe to say that we know each other pretty well and rarely keep secrets (unless one of us did some shopping on Amazon or at The Loft).

The husband is a bit obsessive and becomes a little OCD with hobbies. There was mountain biking, jet skiing, beach biking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, model making, photography, golfing and even a brief bird watching stint. When the husband is in OCD-mode with the “Hobby Du Jour” there is not much that can distract him,  and while it bothers the hell out of me sometimes, I usually grin and bear it.

However, there is one obsession that I can not compete with and it has been in our lives almost our entire married life. The husband has spent countless hours visiting, organizing and admiring it and is VERY particular about who or what can visit it. He will disappear on a Sunday morning or after dinner and come home hours later refreshed and happy. It is….his storage unit.

My mom and I have joked for years that “storage unit” is a code the husband uses for his girlfriend since he spends so much time there. The storage unit came into our lives when we moved in together and has been with us ever since. Seasonal items, childhood memories, tools and other random stuff periodically finds  its way to the storage unit where it becomes their new home.

The husband is meticulous with how things are organized there. My brother once watched as the husband rearranged the entire thing to make room for couches. Little by little everything came out and was put back in only a way the husband can manage.

The other day I got a text letting me know that he was going to visit the storage unit after work. There was a promotion going on and the husband was able to get a bigger unit for only $5 more a month – to him this was very exciting. He came home with a huge smile and told me all about his plans for the extra space. He even went so far as to map it out (literally) on graph paper.

Last night the husband started moving our stuff into the larger unit and he was gone for hours. This morning he told me all about the stuff he found and the shelving he installed. He also let me know that he is going back there tonight and every other night until it is finished.

I am a little jealous of all the time and attention the husband gives the storage unit but who am I to try and come between a man and his man cave. Besides, it could be worse, all that stuff could be in my house!


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