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Stuff people say

I was never much of a quot person. No, that is not entirely true, I often quote tv shows and movies but that’s about it. However, thanks to Facebook and Pinterest I am now bombarded by quotes and sayings almost daily. People have boards on Pinterest dedicated entirely to quotes and thoughts and I often find myself thinking how have I never heard that or huh, how come I never thought of that?!

Some of the sayings and quotes are inspiring and deserve a “like” or “repin”, some are over-used and some are just plain cheesy but I still read them all.

Last week at the twins’ pre-k graduation, there was a slide show of pictures of the school year. There was music in the background that made me a little weepy and at the end this quote was the only thing on the screen

O-M-G that is PERFECT!! How is it that I have never seen that before??? I have to remember that! was all I could think – that is until L started drawing with a pencil in the church pews and the twins’ started asking when we could go home. By the time the kids were tucked in their beds that night I had long forgotten what I had eaten for dinner let alone anything Dr. Seuss had said.

Then the other day the quote appeared on Facebook on someone’s page. OMG that’s my quote I thought as I “stole” it and “shared” it on my page. I liked it so much I even made it my profile picture (laugh if you want but it looks cute).

So often I am sad at the end of things, pre-k , a birthday, a holiday or even a book, that I forget all the good stuff that happened because of the thing I am sad over. Does that make sense?

Dr. Seuss is 100% right, we should all smile because something happened, memories were made, pictures were taken, and happiness was had. It is just a waste of tears to cry when something is over.

I am going to try to make this my new life mantra, at least for the time being. I hope I can stick to it!



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2 thoughts on “Stuff people say

  1. I love this! I need to remember this quote in my life also!


  2. K mccluski on said:

    Great quote. So true

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