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We’re in the middle of a heat wave

Well here it is the second day of summer and it’s gonna be 100 degrees in beautiful Central New Jersey. Ugh!

I used to LOVE the summer, beach, pools, flip-flops and longer days. However, since the kids, I can’t say I really love it as much anymore.  I still love the beach and flip-flops but cute bathing suits are a thing of the past (for me at least) and intense heat and humidity KILLS me (curly hair and humidity do not mix).

Longer days mean the kids staying up later at night Mommy, I can’t go to bed the sun is still up.  Let’s not forget school being over and the constant whine of Mommy, where are we going today…mommy I’m bored! 

Aside from all this, the one thing that really bothers me about summer lately, is the air conditioning. No matter where I am it is either too hot or too cold, there is no happy medium ANYWHERE.

Let’s start with my house. Our townhouse is 2 floors and the first floor is ok, I would maybe even go as far as to say comfortable at times. Once you go upstairs, however, it is like a whole new world. You can actually feel the temperature rise as you start to climb the steps. When you finally reach the second floor it’s at least 15 degrees hotter than the first floor!

We have tried everything to make if feel cooler, open/close vents, open/shut doors and ceiling fans but nothing helps, especially when temperatures soar into the high 90s. I twisted and turned all night last night trying to get comfortable. It was useless, the more I moved around the more I felt like I was suffocating.

Then there is the office. I am grateful to work in an environment that has air conditioning, however, it is SO cold in here this week that I had to run my space heater the other day. All day I watch co-workers (mostly women) clutching their sweater tightly around themselves or rubbing their arms for warmth.

I even saw one of those e-cards on Facebook this week making a joke about the stifling heat outside verses the frost bite like temperatures inside an office. How am I supposed to wear my cute summer dresses and tops if it is freezing in work? Surely I can not be expected to concentrate on my work product if I am freezing in my cubicle.

I know I will defrost as soon as I step outside the lobby doors and the extreme heat will feel like a slap in the face. The walk to my car will feel like an eternity, the car will be stifling and by the time the air conditioning finally kicks in, I will be pulling into my driveway at home. Oh the drama of it all!

Hopefully the heat wave will break soon and we can get back to “normal” summer temperatures. For now I will seek comfort from my friend Jose Cuervo and his fabulous margarita mix.

Stay cool everyone.


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2 thoughts on “We’re in the middle of a heat wave

  1. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    It’s incredibly hot- we are paying for the mild winter.

  2. Found you on Thirtysomethingfashion! It is hot in Chicago as well. And I hear ya on freezing your butt off at the office. These are 1st World Problems, right??!! LOL, have a good one, we finally have a nice 85-degree day! 🙂

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