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No more drama and LOTS of concealer


Oscar (Photo credit: rocor)

If someone were to steal my iPod I am pretty sure it would be returned immediately. My taste in music is not exactly….ecletic, hip or even current – though thanks to Shazam I have recently purchased some happy Top 40 summer tunes. My Itunes music consists mainly of Top 40 and (gasp) 80’s music with a occassional tween song (One Direction anyone?) or freestyle mix thrown in.

However, once in a great while, I will hear a song that is completely outside my genre and I become slightly obsessed with it. I play it over and over (and over) again at full volume in the van. Usually the song coincides with something going on in my life and, therefore, becomes ingrained in my subconscious as forever being related to a specific feeling/action/event etc. (i.e. “Call me maybe” will ALWAYS be a happy, summer song).

Which brings me to today’s song – drumroll please……..Mary J. Blige’s “No More Drama.”

Are you surprised? When Midgie found out I had Mary J. Blige on my iPod she almost fell over, I guess Mary and Duran Duran don’t exactly sound like a hot play list. (Btw, Midgie had no idea the phrase “Frankie says relax” was from a song)

Anyway, when I first heard “Drama” I was OBSESSED. It caught my ear from the first note (which is the theme music to The Young and the Restless) and I was OBSESSED. I could feel Mary’s pain and I felt like she was talking right to me.

Uh, it feel so good
When you let go
Of all the drama in your life
Now you’re free from all the pain
Free from all the game
Free from all the stress
So find your happiness

Do you feel it too?

Today is the first day of my “vacation”. I am supposed to be stress-free and in total “vacation mode.” Ummm, NOT!

Major work drama yesterday before I left, which left me with a HUGE knot in my stomach. All night I had a nagging voice in my head telling me don’t forget you have to call J in the am to discuss…don’t forget…call J!

Couple that with the drama of the twins being assigned the same kindergarten class, J’s annual neurodevelopmental appointment this afternoon, MAJOR family drama (from both sides – MIL has broken tailbone can you say karma!!), the husband who can’t take off next week for day trips and the extremely limited funds in my checking account because payday is not until the 31st and you have my 1st day of vacation!

Unfortunately, the drama has found its way to my face in the form of zits that make me resemble a pre-teen girl.

I get it, in the grand scheme of things, these are just minor glitches, most of which will (hopefully) be resolved. I left a message for the principal of the twins’ school (nothing like making a name for yourself before school even starts), I will eventually find (fingers crossed) all the paperwork for J’s appointment AND there is even overdraft protection and plastic to solve my money woes.

The family drama, however, will probably never go away. Isn’t that just the way it is with families? There is always something going on. I used to over react and jump right in with a reaction but lately I have mellowed a bit. Now I try I take a deep breath, sip of wine and count to 10 (or a million) before responding. Sure, sometimes I freak out and scream at the husband or myself but those instances are not as frequent anymore.

This morning, as I was GENEROUSLY applying my Bobbi Brown Corrector Concealer, I will admit to having a little, tiny pity party for myself. It was the beginning of the party and I was about to step inside when the bathroom door swung open and J started yelling at me to fix the volume on his iPod touch.

It was then that Mary’s voice whispered in my ear …when you let go of all the drama in your life…no more drama.

F this. It is the first day of my vacation and I will not let drama ruin my time! I do not want to win the Oscar for Drama Queen! For the remainder of the day I will try to follow Mary’s advise. I will play her song on a non-stop loop in my head (and in the van) and tell myself this too shall pass and what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Ugh I was just given a drink order (red juice with ice) so my blogging time is over, for now.  Wish me luck!!


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