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I am officially an “Assistant Soccer Mom”

The twins have never been totally into sports. Yes, they kick a ball in the backyard and throw hoops with the Fisher Price basketball net but they never really expressed a desire to play sports. This was fine with me, I am not a sports person at all (unless shopping counts) and spending my weekends at a field was not a dream of mine.

When the twins turned 5 they decided they wanted to play soccer. Wow, I was shocked but a little excited. They would play on a team, make some friends and take cute team photos in a “uniform” sounds good. I went to the town PAL center and stood in the line for the forms.

Excitedly I told the woman at the desk how this was our first time on a team and how excited we were. She humored me,  asked me what size shirts they wore and then announced that it would cost $175 either cash or check made payable to PAL.

I laughed out loud. Surely she was joking, right? Umm, no she was serious AND that price included the sibling discount.

The twins were assigned to the Red Team and we patiently waited for the rain to pass and the season to begin. The husband brought the twins to their first practice/game and when he got home the look on his face said it all. Not good! The twins huddled in a corner and cried (real tears) for the entire hour (we have it on video to use as blackmail later).

THe husband and I had many debates on whether the twins should continue and after giving it another try we (me) decided they would quit  – while I was still able to get my $175 back.  Life went back to normal and I accepted that soccer would not be a Saturday ritual for us.

That is until this year. It started in the summer, every once in a while I would hear a Mommy…can I play soccer? or Mommy when can we play soccer? I ignored them for a bit but then the requests became more frequent. Ugh.

Luckily I knew a few moms from book club who had kids on the same soccer team. I begged asked my FAVORITE blogger mom if was possible to get the twins on her son’s team (her husband also coaches the team) even though they had no soccer experience.

Sure, we just want the kids to have fun!! she said.

I procrastinated until the last days to sign up. What if they cried again? What if they refuse to play? What will the other moms think of me for pushing to get my kids on their team when my kids have no idea how to play? OMG will the soccer moms and dads hate me?? (yes, I can even make soccer about me)

I signed the boys up online and was thrilled to see that the price ($300) had gone up AND I was being charged a late fee  ($40) AND there were no refunds. Super!!

I was more nervous than the twins for the first practice. I tried to appear calm for their sake, even when I made the wrong turn and we were “lost” and late. When we got to the field THANK GOD I saw my friend C and was able to follow her to Field D – there was no way in hell I would have EVER found that by myself.

The twins were a little hesitant when Coach B came over to them but Coach is THE nicest guy (second only to Coach P) and got them on the field and “playing” in no time. I was a nervous wreck the whole practice and chatted with Ms. Mayor and C to pass the time.

The twins were so happy when practice was over, they told me they loved soccer and couldn’t wait to play again. The next day I emailed C (our official “Soccer Mom”) and let her know that I wanted to be more involved so if she needed any help to let me know. 

She quickly bestowed upon me the title of” Assistant Soccer Mom” and asked (very nicely) if I could bring the game roster to practice so “snack families” could be assigned.

The Blue Flames played their first game this past Saturday. I couldn’t watch too much, it made me too nervous when the ball would be near M & J.  When I saw them on the side line I also worried and hoped that they were not upset they werent’ playing (J loved sitting out, he was able to drink his water and not run). The husband and the little kids came along and we all cheered for M and J. The Blue Flames lost at the end but they gave it their best.

Afterwards we went to Perkins for lunch and the twins looked so proud still in the cleats and soccer shirts. They said they had fun and really liked soccer and would practice every night.

And so it begins….


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2 thoughts on “I am officially an “Assistant Soccer Mom”

  1. I’d like to officially welcome you to this crazy but fun world. Now that Ryan plays for a traveling team and Alex plays for an intercounty team. I have soccer games on Sat and Sun and 5 practices a week!!!! WooHoo! We are actually heading down to Lawrenceville this weekend and to WestWindsor a few weeks after that!

  2. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    Wow!! I wonder if they will want to do the whole year of sports fun? (basketball/hockey in winter, t-ball in spring, summer soccer camp). That would be fantastic. Invest in a seat cushion for all those bleacher seats!! 🙂

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