trying to find myself and humor in life

Ugh, sometimes I hate my life

Lost a tooth and tackled training wheels

Sunday was NOT  Funday in my house. The kids were up at 6:05a talking to me (NEVER Dad)  about juice and Backyardigans, the house was a disaster, we had a make up soccer game at 1pm (smack in the middle of the day) and maybe I had drunk a little too much wine the night before.

I knew it would be rough when 2 cups of coffee hadn’t  jolted me awake and the sound of  little kids killing each other over monster trucks was like nails scraping down a chalk board.

At some point I waved the white flag and surrendered to the kids, they had won (for now) and I had no more energy (or desire) to fight. Each whine of Moooooomeeee was answered with a I don’t care or hit him back as I tackled the mounds of laundry and dust build-up.

It was one of those days were EVERTHING was a fight.

I don’t want to go to soccer. Mom, why do I have to wear my soccer socks? No Mommy, I don’t want chicken for lunch, why do you ALWAYS give me chicken?! I hate chicken and I am never gonna eat it again. We have soccer AGAIN but I’m SO tired. I never get to kick the ball into the net, soccer is boring AND that’s not fair Mommy, I’m not talking to you anymore.

The soccer game was close (2-1) and the twins did well, except the one time M kicked the ball the wrong way and the Coach literally walked him to the goal. The little kids were nuts running all over the field (including on the actual playing field), fighting over a soccer ball and who would sit on Daddy’s lap.

By half time the little kids were bored and luckily Wawa had brought lollipops which distracted them for all of 5 minutes. What mom doesn’t love to hear Mommy I done and be handed a half eaten Dum-Dum?

If you have never had the opportunity of herding  4 kids through a PAL parking lot, while they kick a soccer ball, cry that they are thirsty and run in front of cars, while carrying a 30-pound toddler, consider yourself lucky.

The husband had promised to take the twins to Perkins for pancakes so he dropped me and the little kids off at the house. I was thrilled to see that L had fallen asleep and as I carried him into the house I was giddily thinking about the nap I would take  – when suddenly his head popped up and he demanded to be put down to play with his monster truck.

Damn it!

The next hour consisted of L crying and biting J while they fought over monster trucks and dvds. When I head the van pull up outside I thought it was my chance to break free and go food shopping alone. I fluffed my hair and casually greeted the husband at the door with my keys in hand. Instead I was greeted by M who told me that he was going to take the training wheels off his bike NOW.

Seriously? Now?!

Needless to say my escape was postponed. Instead I walked the little kids around our complex on their Big Wheels – as they fought with each other over who went first. It was a blast as I am sure you can imagine. Sometime around L riding his bike out into the street and J taking off for the tennis courts (alone), I found myself texting a friend Dude, seriously simetumes I hate my life.

Yes my pity party was in full swing as I sat in the tennis courts looking at my lollipop stained yoga pants. This isn’t fair. All I wanted to do was go food shopping, and sleep till maybe 7am, and now I am stuck refereeing 2 wacko kids on big wheels. The house is a mess and I still have a ton of laundry to finish and where the hell did the husband disappear to????!

It was then that I saw M riding his bike, sans training wheels, on the street with the BIGGEST smile on his face. J was clapping and saying M YOU DID IT! and the husband never looked so proud. I felt like a jerk and the worst mom ever.

I should be appreciating the this time with my kids and not complaining about it. Who cares about the laundry and food shopping?

I quickly texted my friend and apologized for sounding like a baby explaining that I was just tired when they wrote back and said No, just a mom who’s trying to do it all 🙂

 At that minute, that was THE nicest text I had ever gotten. I even felt a little misty behind my sunglasses (I have pms and am not usually that sappy.

I got myself up and out of the tennis courts, with L who was SCREAMING at the top of his lungs that he wanted to change bikes, went home and composed myself. I congratulated M on his bike riding and hugged him tight – my baby was growing up.

I finally got to go food shopping and I will spare you the drama I encountered when I got home – trust me it was BAD. The groceries got put away, the laundry finally got done (unless you count the load still in the dryer) and the kids all got bathed and put in bed (not counting L who cried for an hour).

Later, I was sitting on my bed, in my favorite pink and white polka dot pj pants, playing around on the iPad and feeling relieved I had survived the day and was now all alone. Yes, there were many moments I was not proud of but also some I will never forget.  



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