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The dreaded red, blinking light

Today started off fairly well. The “nanny” is on vacation this week so the husband and I are taking turns staying home with the kids and today is his day (yipee!). My hair came out fairly well considering it feels like a swamp outside and my navy pants were a little loose when I put them on today.

The ride to work was uneventful and I kept spacing out listening to the radio and thinking of things to blog about. I walked into work feeling almost happy (it’s quiet here and no one is calling me “Mommy”), got to my desk and saw the red light blinking on my phone – crap a voicemail.

I was off yesterday and there is nothing worse than coming in to a voicemail. It’s never anything good like Hi Nicole, just wanted to let you know we are giving you a raise or Good Morning Nicole, we hope all is well. We just wanted to let you know you won the lottery.

Instead I heard Hi Nicole….ummmm….when you get a chance, it’s nothing important, can you give me a call, I need to discuss with you the new paralegal policy….ummm thanks.

In the words of Jerry Seinfeld Really?!

Who the hell wants to come into work and hear that before 8am? I already know it has to do with me asking to switch my day off from a Friday to a Monday so why be so coy in a voicemail?

I walked down to the office manager’s office but she isn’t in yet. Great, now I get to wait around with a knot in my stomach. I tried talking myself down, reminding myself to stay positive and that it is so NOT a big deal. I have vacation time but that isn’t really working. Instead I just keep replaying the voicemail in my head, getting more annoyed each time.

I texted my friend/paralegal N to see if she knew what the “new policy” was. However, she had no clue what I was talking about. Seems no one bothered to share with her the paralegal policy change yesterday. Super! Now I have upset her before she even gets into the office.

N’s last text to me was “I think it is time for new jobs”. Never has someone been so 100% right.

I know, I know, I sit here all the time and complain about wanting a new career or a life change, etc. but all I do is sit in my little, windowless cubicle having a pity party for myself – if only I can find a way to work that into a career.

Ugh, it is just all so draining. Job, health benefits, flexibility etc. Damn it, why can’t I just win the lottery already!!

Ok friends out there in blogosphere, I am gonna open it up to you. What new career do YOU think I should embark on? All suggestions are welcome – tho remember though, I am a mom of 4 and went to catholic school for 12 years.

ps – Sorry I’m a a Debbie Downer today, I promise to be my sarcastic self tomorrow 🙂

pps – I promise to read your email Mrs. Jeter and to remember that “writing will save me us”



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One thought on “The dreaded red, blinking light

  1. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    I think that if you can’t find a job as a princess (btw I will fight you for that one), you should focus on writing. Or you could be a personal shopper or stylist to the stars. Maybe it would be fun to work at yogurtland (everyone who walks in is happy to be there), or perhaps you can find a Mr. Pitt and sharpen pencils for him. I will keep thinking on it for you.

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