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Back to life….

English: Sunset at Sunset Beach in Cape May, NJ

English: Sunset at Sunset Beach in Cape May, NJ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been awhile my friends out there in the great blogosphere. Things were kind of crazy here with Sandy stopping by and wrecking havoc and devastation on the entire state of New Jersey – as well as New York and other areas.

My family and I were without power for a week (even my work was closed for an entire week) but I will not complain knowing how much worse it could have been (I will however, say that it was a LONG week explaining “no power” to 4 kids, 2 of whom are under the age of 5).

I was lucky enough to have family nearby who had power/water/heat. Me, the husband and 4 kids were refugees at various houses and were even able to save some of the contents of our freezer and fridge thanks to my bro and SIL.

At times it was stressful and chaotic but also funny and loving. Watching the kids have a make-shift Halloween celebration with their 2 cousins was priceless – as was drinking a LOT of wine with my brother and SIL (can anyone else relate to “The Sandy 15”??).

While hanging out with my SIL one afternoon, she asked me why I wasnt using the time off to blog about my hurricane adventures. Surely you have some good stories to share she said. Nah was all I could come up.

Later on that day I thought about what she said. Truth was, she was right. I had a TON of “material” to use for blogs to last me a week or more. Funny things the kids did, annoying things the husband said and even risking my life to get bread and water at my local Target.

My family and I (more so me) use humor and sarcasm to deal with stressful situations. It’s easier to make a joke out of my MIL moving to Florida ASAP rather than think about her losing her home at the Jersey shore (believe it or not her house had NO damage).

Mocking the political figures on the tv (seriously, does everyone need a fleece with their name embroidered on it, we know you are the Governor) takes away from the pain of looking in the background of the press conference and seeing the complete devastation of the Jersey shore.

I just felt like I could not post a funny, senseless blog when there was so much suffering going on in my own backyard (literally).  I did not want to offend people and make light of anyone’s situation. After all, everyone deals with bad stuff in his or her own way. Who am I to tell them differently?

So I stayed silent.

Monday my work opened for the first time in a week. My law firm, the firm that did NOT close for 9/11 (when we had an office in the Twin Towers) was closed for an entire week. Amazing.

Monday the kids all went back to school. The majority of my town regained their power and the traffic lights on the main highway were restored. Slowly, life was getting back to “normal”.

Today is Tuesday, Election Day. I decided to vote before work, I figured it would be less crowded and I could be in and out relatively quickly. Also, I was a little nervous that people wouldn’t make the effort to get out there today after everything that happened last week.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled into the parking lot and saw that it was full! I had to actually wait on line to sign in and cast my ballot.

On the ride into work the En Vogue song “Back to Life” started playing in my head (as well as a Dave Matthews song that was on the cd player). I thought about the lyrics (the ones I could actually remember)

…back to life, back to reality…back to the here and now…

Damn, that one line is right one. 

Yes, it is time, at least for me anyway, to get back into my life. To get back into my routine (work, laundry, kids, cooking and juice pouring) even if it is often mundane. This is what we do, because life goes on.

The only good to come out of the hurricane was that Sandy taught me to appreciate the little things (power) as well as the big things (family).

My thoughts and prayers are with those families who lost so much and I hope that soon, they too will be able to get back into their own lives and rebuild what they lost.


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One thought on “Back to life….

  1. Diane Basile on said:

    wow – that was so well written. I can’t believe sometimes your grasp of words and how good these are.

    Kids have school today for voting or what? We voted early today too.

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