trying to find myself and humor in life

Me Being Philosophical (yikes!)

I have felt very philosophical since Hurricane Sandy stampeded on us over a week ago. It’s a change from the sarcastic, cynical and  occasionally witty Nicole that is usually around. 

Dont be scared, it’s not like I have sat around pondering world peace or the holy Trinity while wearing glasses. my hair in a bun and sipping on a glass of sherry.

I don’t know, maybe it was seeing all the devastation by Sandy or how amazing it is to see regular, everyday people helping one another in a time of need that has gotten me thinking. 

Regardless, today on the way into work my thoughts were all over the place. I was deep into a Maroon 5 song (I swear Adam was speaking directly to me) and I was thinking about the people in my life today. Some have remained a constant, family (of course) and a few very close friends. Others, however, have entered (and sometimes left) at the most random times. 

I guess I have Facebook to blame or thank for this. Now you can’t “hide” from your past or present, it is out there on every social media site. Seriously though, did you ever stop wonder why someone enters your life at a particular time?

Is it divine intervention that brings someone you have not seen or spoken to in close to 20 years back into your life? An old “best friend” that you lost contact with or an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend that you dated many moons ago?

Maybe it is just coincidence that these people happened to find you on Facebook or saw your picture in an Alumni magazine. Heck, maybe they were just stalking you and decided to send you a message. I guess we can never really know.

There have been a couple of people that I have reconnected with that I truly believe were brought into my life for a purpose. These people have shown and shared with me things that I didn’t know existed.

Personal stories of heartache and survival that made me think Hey, if X can overcome all that, I can TOTALLY get through my life drama.

Others have shown me things about myself that I either took for granted or didn’t bother to appreciate. They have shown me (or at least tried to show me – I am a bit stubborn) that I am smart, witty, independent  and, more importantly, a good person.

I am a person worthy of anything I want as long as I am willing to go after it. I am not the same shy, insecure girl I was “back in the day”  who didn’t think she deserving of x, y or z and chose to settle instead.

I don’t know if these “new” people will hang around for the long haul, pop up every now and again or simply disappear back into oblivion. If I am being honest, I really hope they stay because they make me happy. Their comments, messages and notes truly bring a smile to my face.

Thanks to all of you and Happy Thursday!


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