trying to find myself and humor in life


I was all set to write something witty, meaningful and funny today. I thought about it on the ride into work and it was even going through my head when I was talking to Midgie on the phone (shhh don’t tell anyone).

Midgie was giving me some much-needed advice (for probably the 100th time) and I was listening to her (and agreeing with her) yet I could feel my mind wandering and thinking  Hmmmm this would be a good blog topic???

By the time I pulled into the parking lot I was psyched, I almost couldn’t wait to get to my desk and start crafting an a-mazing blog. I logged into WordPress, checked my stats (damn, they are sad) and then BAM my mind went completely blank.


This is a joke right? Ok, maybe I just need to re-group, after all, that 20 minute commute could have totally toyed with my creative energy. I checked my yahoo account – seriously, how many mailing lists is my name associated with..oh look Ann Taylor has a sale…

Magic Mike came over to say hello. He was tired and still wearing his sunglasses (he’s 25 remember) so I decided to go get coffee with him in hopes that he would spark some blogging idea.

Nah. All Magic Mike sparked in me was the need to go browse Piperlime and check out the boots – MM is very good at listening to me talk about clothes, shoes etc.

Ok, back at my desk and debating if I should format a very exciting chart in Excel (jealous??) or go online and check out any new updates on the Washington, DC Affair Scandal. Decisions, decisions. Btw, why does work coffee never taste as good as coffee at home?

Thinking again about what Midgie told me to do earlier. It sounded so easy when she was telling me – avoid the drama and give it NO unnecessary attention – period!

Ugh, why can’t I follow it? If the situation were reversed, I would have zero problem telling Midgie or Mrs. Jeter or even Magic Mike what to do. I would stand tall on my high horse and preach my little heart out knowing full well that I was 100% right. The thought of anyone NOT listening to my knowledge would be ridiculous and just plain dumb.


I should really work on that damn chart and now I am thinking about the cupcakes I have to decorate after work for the soccer party and how I have no weekend plans. Thank god no one can read my mind like in that Helen Hunt/Mel Gibson movie!

Ok, I have wasted almost an entire hour and I really don’t have much to show for it. I have no new boots, my chart is still unopened and my coffee cup is empty. More importantly, my blog is a giant ramble and not the creative masterpiece I had hoped for.

Well I tried (sort of). Who knows, maybe something will hit me later and get my creative juices flowing again. I promise if it does happen, I will write it down immediately!!

Thanks for listening to me babble and have a Happy Thursday!


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