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Derek & the Rainbow Sock Monkey

Derek the Bear

For those of you who don’t know,  I have twin boys who started kindergarten this past September. It was a big step for all of us and I am happy to report that me we have adapted rather well.

I am lucky that the twins don’t come home with a lot of homework – that was a HUGE concern/dread of mine. I just could not fathom coming home from work, making dinner and then dealing with homework (I know….I will have to deal at some point).

So imagine my surprise when M brought home Derek (the Yankee baseball bear) a couple of weeks ago for the weekend. M ran off the bus yelling Mommy, Mommy I FINALLY got to take Derek home!!

He was SO excited as he pulled Derek from his backpack (Derek’s not M’s) and shoved him in my face in the middle of the driveway. MOM, hug Derek! Don’t you love him?

Ummm, yeah sure, Derek is great I said trying to steer M and J toward the van. Mom, Mom, Mommy, I can’t wait to let Derek meet Bear and I am gonna bring him all over and …..

M was cut off by the arrival of J’s school bus, L screaming he wanted to watch George (Curious George) and J telling me he was thirsty.

When we got home, M threw Derek’s backpack at me and ran upstairs with his brothers to formally introduce Derek to Bear. Oh, they are SO cute, I thought to myself as I started reading through the papers Derek came home with.

Derek came with a welcome letter and a journal. Oh, teachers today are so creative I said out loud to myself. I started flipping through the journal and then I realized what the journal was for.

Holy crap!! WE (i.e. me) have to write about Derek’s adventures with us in the freakin’ journal!

As I flipped through the journal I was overwhelmed by the many photos (actual printed photos) of M’s classmates holding Derek at baseball games, the mall, dance class etc and the written summary of Derek’s stay with each kid.

Oh dear God, can this woman be serious? We have to summarize Derek’s weekend with us?!! Isnt that just super!!

I text Mrs. Jeter to vent. She laughed and told me to have fun with Derek and let her know how the weekend went. Ugh.

M was bored with Derek by dinnertime on Friday so needless to say, Derek didn’t go too many places other than the kids’ bedroom and the living room. Whatever, it’s a stuffed bear, I am sure he won’t mind I thought.

Sunday night was a blur of food shopping, fighting and baths and before I realized it, M was sleeping and Derek’s journal was empty. Crap!!

Monday morning I sat down with M and patiently reminded him that we needed to write in Derek’s journal so it could go back to school that afternoon. Oh, ok but I am watching Power Rangers now was the response I got.

Ok, well after Power Rangers we HAVE to write in the journal I sternly said to M as I poured myself another cup of coffee.

Well Power Rangers turned into some other dumb show and before long it was 11am and still no journal entry. M-J-L (that’s me screaming M’s first, middle and last name) get in here NOW and write about Derek!

M responded with the following tirade:

I dont wanna write in the stupid journal…I wanna play with my Legos! I don’t have a pencil Mom! You never took a picture with me and Derek Mommy now what? This is dumb, I don’t want to do this. J leave me alone, Mooooom tell J and L to get out of the kitchen and leave me alone – Mommy? Mommy!

OMG why is your father NEVER around for any of this stuff I said under my breath as I dug through the cabinet for a pencil (that was sharpened) and pushed the other kids out of the kitchen. Be Calm I told myself and it will be fine.

I have blocked out the majority of the journal writing exercise, it was just better for my sanity. However, I will try to piece together some of M and my exchange for you

me: Come on M, what do you want to write about Derek’s weekend?

M: I dont know…can I have a drink?

me: You can have a drink when we are done. Come on, we have to get this done. What did you and Derek do this weekend?

M: Ummmm he slept in my bunk bed with me?

me: Good, that’s good let’s write it.

M: Ok, how do you spell Derek?

me: D-e-r-e….M what are you doing? M, pay attention.

M: I don’t know how to make a “d”.

me: Yes you do, now come on, write out D-e-r-e-k and then leave a space and write s-l-e-p-t

M: what do you mean leave a space? What’s a space? I’m hungry, can I have a snack??

And that my friends was how the remainder of the morning went. Somehow by the grace of God, M completed his journal entry, drew 2 pictures of him and Derek and managed to get Derek safely back to his classroom.

Phew!!! THANK GOD that’s over! I told Mrs. Jeter in a text. Oh, you just wait she responded. It gets SOOOO much better!

Mrs. Jeter does not lie. In the weeks since Derek’s visit we have had to decorate Family Fun Turkeys and make some other crafty-type thing (I HATE crafts).

Thinking turkeys and fall crafts were behind us, I mentally prepared for the long holiday weekend last Wednesday afternoon as I waited for the twins’ bus.

The bus pulled up, I waved to the driver with the yellow glove and the twins came running at me.

Mommy! Mommy! Mommy look! J yelled. What, what is it? I asked

MOMMY look… I got to bring home Rainbow Sock Monkey for the long weekend!!

Sure enough there was J holding a little Rainbow Sock Monkey and a red bag which contained Sock Monkey’s journal. O-M-G it was gonna be a loooooong weekend!


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One thought on “Derek & the Rainbow Sock Monkey

  1. Mrs. Jeter on said:

    HAHAHA!!! Homework sucks. Especially when they hit third grade and you can’t figure out their word problems :). I suggest delegating homework duties to dad for the sake of your sanity.

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