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Laughing out Loud – a sorta movie review/recommendation

imagesSaturday night I went to an actual movie theater, at night, and saw an adult (i.e. non-animated) movie. It was a rarity and very eye-opening – OMG tickets cost $11?!!

I got to the theater a little early and was able to people watch as I waited for my friend Fergalicious (Fergie for short). WOW is all I can say. The theater was one of those gazillion-plexes and it was a Saturday night but seriously, where do these people come from???

I saw women wearing everything from a velvet mini dress (in her defense she paired it with leggings) to a mini skirt and heels to pajama bottoms and Uggs.

The guys’ attire was mostly jeans accessorized with either a high school varsity jacket (not 2013 btw), NFL football jersey or leather jacket (Carson Kressley would be so proud – not!).

Anyway, Fergie finally arrived and we set off to find theater #25 to see “This is 40” with Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann.

I didn’t know much about the movie beforehand, except that the couple were turning 40 and it was a comedy. Fergie was bringing wine so I figured it was basically win-win for me even if the movie wasn’t great.

The theater was packed as we scoured the aisles for 2 empty seats. Finally at the very top we found 2 seats in between 2 teens on a date and a couple sitting practically on each others laps.

After probably 45 minutes or trailer and commercials  – wtf, when did they start showing commercials for TBS television shows in movie theaters? I don’t care that “Cougar Town” has switched networks – really and truly I don’t (sorry for the rant) – the movie started.

Like I said, I wasn’t sure what to expect and probably thought it would be a more laugh-out-loud kind of movie. And while there were several parts when I did LOL (Debbie and Pete fighting like the marriage counselor taught them, Melissa McCarthy and them in the principal’s office, Debbie bullying a boy from her daughter’s FB page, Pete and his hemorrhoids) there were also some “serious” plots to the movie – well serious for anyone who turned 40 or is nearing that “great” milestone.

Overall I liked the movie and was glad I got the opportunity to go. Sunday was a blur of errands, cleaning and baseball clinics so I didn’t really give the movie much thought other than me telling my mom it was good.

Fast forward to Monday afternoon. I am sitting in my humble cubicle, reviewing emails from 2006 in an online database (I am VERY important) when suddenly my mind started to wonder. My thoughts were all over from telling myself NOT to online shop to what to make for dinner.

Then all of a sudden, the scene of Pete and Debbie fighting popped into my head. This scene was SO well done but could only really be truly appreciated by someone who has been in the company of a mental health care professional (either socially or professionally).

First I chucked to myself (…when you dismiss my feelings it really hurts me) but before long I was literally crying from laughter (yes, I was still sitting alone in my cube). I decided I had to share Pete and Debbie getting high off stale medical marijuana cookies with someone else.

So I texted Have you seen my starfish? to Fergie (Pete asking the room service guy as he walks around with a decorative starfish in his underwear – LOL).

Still eager to share (and completely unmotivated to work) I decided to email IT Guy. Earlier in the day I had attempted to explain the scene to him, however, I am one of those people who ALWAYS messes up the punch line(s) when retelling a story/joke so IT just stared at me and said Oh…that’s funny.

Apparently I am better at writing things because IT wrote back (in all caps) that he was LOL AND LMAO and that he could actually picture Pete and Debbie in his head.

In the meantime, Fergie texted back about a scene in the principal’s office with Pete, Debbie and Melissa McCarthy (…they look like a f’n couple from a bank commercial..).

By this point I was a mess from crying and decided I needed to see this movie again if there were parts that I missed.

It was then that I realized that the movie was REALLY funny. I guess it just took me a while to process or absorb everything that happened. There were SO many scenes that rang true of real life – Debbie crying that she is not old enough to shop at J. Jill and Chicos, Pete telling Debbie his cholesterol was 300 or Pete hiding in the bathroom to play Scrabble on his IPad or the Pete and Debbie’s 13yo daughter crying in her closet, in a pool of clothes, that she has NOTHING to wear!!!!

I doubt that I will actually go see “This is 40” at a theater again, it’s easier to wait for it to hit the Red Box or Netflix, but I know I will definitely watch it again (and laugh).

I am hoping I can channel a little of Pete and Debbie back into my day today as well, a good LOL sure makes the day go faster.


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2 thoughts on “Laughing out Loud – a sorta movie review/recommendation

  1. Hot Mrs. Jeter on said:

    Sounds like fun! Paul Rudd is cute too.

  2. Love Love Love Paul Rudd!

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