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WTF Wednesday

By the time Wednesday arrives on any given week, I am usually in ok spirits (you should see me on a Monday). More than half my work week is over (I only work 4 days), the kids are back into a somewhat “normal” school routine and it’s “breakfast dinner” night.

Today, however, is different. Maybe it’s the lunar calendar or the fact that is it the first full week back since the holidays but I am just off.

Off how? I can’t really say for sure but whatever it is it made me buy a Taylor Swift song from iTunes on purpose today (gasp!).

I am NOT a Taylor Swift fan at all. I find her totally annoying with those bangs and red lips (seriously, I get that she likes red but can’t she change it up just once in a while?).

When one of her songs is on the radio I quickly change the station – only to hear yet another “hit” on the next station. I get it that she is pretty,  young and “talented” and that she is a major “cross-over” artist but Taylor just doesn’t do it for me.

On this, me and Mrs. Jeter – sorry Hot Mrs. Jeter, vary greatly. Jeter LOVES Taylor and does not understand why I don’t. She is always telling me how pretty Taylor is and how awesome her songs are (gross).

Anyway, when the “We are never never ever getting back together” song started playing I thought it was a joke. It sounded like Taylor was just talking to her friends and someone decided to hit the record button. I could not change the station fast enough when I would hear her say “…and I was like this is exhausting…we are never getting back together like ever”

After the millionth time of hearing, however, I will admit to keeping it on the radio and even, dare I say, singing along with Taylor (I know, please don’t judge).

By the time the holidays rolled around, Taylor seemed to have taken a break from the airwaves and I was happy. All was right with the world until Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

The family and I were spending NYE (and L’s 3rd bday btw) at my brother’s house and we kept flipping the channels watching Ryan Seacrest (attempting to rock a pair of ear muffs) and Anderson Cooper (I love him).

Maybe it was because I lost my buzz around 8:30pm but both channels were REALLY boring. Finally Ryan introduced Taylor and she sang live the break up song (very bad) and some new song about trouble. I didn’t think much about them at the time, all I really wanted to see was the ball drop so I could go to sleep.

A couple of days later, the husband and I were in the car and I started singing along to a song on the radio “I knew you were trouble when you walked in…”

The husband, still amazed by my singing voice after all these years, turned to me and said Isn’t this the song that girl sang on New Year’s Eve?


I tried hard but there was no escaping it, I actually liked Taylor’s new song. There were a couple of occassions when I raised the volume in the mini-van when it came on – gasp!!

This past Monday I started working out again (I do this every January). I decided to start slow with just some cardio on the treadmill.

For the past couple days, I have been the only one in the gym during lunch and it gets a little boring having no one to stare at. I was flipping through the songs on my phone and decided it was time to download some upbeat songs to help me through the work out.

I added some Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Lady Gaga and thought I was good. Then today I was sitting here and this weird feeling came over me and before I knew it, I had downloaded Taylor’s song “I knew you were trouble”.

I guess there is no going back now, it’s on the phone and ready to be played. While I am not proud of my latest song purchase, I am hoping (fingers crossed) that it gets me through my work-out today. Lord knows I can use all the help I can get!

Taylor Swift 2010

Taylor Swift 2010 (Photo credit: avrilllllla)

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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2 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday

  1. Hot Mrs. Jeter on said:

    “You were Romeo you were throwin’ pebbles and my daddy said, ‘Stay away from Juliet!’ And I was crying on the staircase begging you “please don’t go-oh…”

    How anyone cannot love TS is beyond me!

  2. Mandy Rae on said:

    I’m with Mrs. Jeter, here. I’m in the T-Swift fan club, too. She’s from Reading, PA, seems to say what’s on her mind during interviews without appearing that she’s trying to come across in any forced way. Her voice is “eh”, but the lyrics…I like ’em. Don’t feel guilty, it’s only natural to give in. Sit back and enjoy!

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