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Life and sports


I am not a sports person in any way, shape for form. Anyone who has been in my company for more than 10 minutes and watched my eyes glaze over during a Monday morning football recap can attest to this.

I am not completely clueless, I know it’s playoff time and I know what time of year specific sports are played. However, I would rather shop or read People magazine than watch a sporting event.

Imagine my surprise when I was blessed with not 1 but 4 boys! I remember crying (I was postpartum) to my mom and saying but I don’t know anything about sports when I was in the hospital.

Repeatedly I was told “It will be fine”  by friends, acquaintances and strangers in the park when I would explain my fear of having boys and them playing sports (among other things). It happened so often,  after a while I started to believe them.

The husband and I were a little behind in the PAL league sign-ups. It seemed that I was always either pregnant or caring for a newborn since 2006.

We lived in a bubble that revolved around Good Start formula and Luvs diapers (WAY cheaper than Pampers) and I didn’t really know any other moms besides Jeter and my SIL –  as I was rejected by the MOMS club (see “Rejected by ‘the mommies’ and I lived to tell about it”

However, in 2006 the twins started pre-k and, FINALLY, I was able to meet some other moms and be thrust into the world of extracurricular activities and PAL sports.

Holy crap were we behind!!

Who knew kids starting playing soccer and crap at the age of 3. Geez, I could barely get the twins to pee standing up and these moms had their kids playing sports!

Feeling like a total loser mom, I decided to sign the twins up for spring soccer. I went to the PAL office, filled out my forms and was cheerfully told the cost was $174 with the sibling discount.

Stunned, I prayed the kids would turn out to be the next Beckham as I pulled out of the driveway.

The season started and the twins excitedly left the house dressed in their soccer gear. They looked adorable and I cried thinking about how my babies were growing up.

My happiness was very short-lived, however, as the kids came home from their first game in tears and said they were NEVER going back again.

The husband and I tried a few more times but it was useless. The twins refused to play so I pulled them from the season (and got a refund).

We put the PAL drama behind us and focused on swim lessons and life.

Swim lessons didn’t go much better and I was beginning to think that maybe God had blessed me with 2 “sport’s challenged” sons.

OMG what are we going to do?????!!! I cried to the husband, my mother, Jeter and anyone who would listen. It is important for boys to play sports and the twins HATE it. THey are going to get beat up and bullied when they are in high school!!

Ok, maybe I was being a bit dramatic, but seriously, society puts a lot of pressure on kids, boys especially, to excel in sports. Yes, it is ridiculous and totally stereotypical, but I alone was not going to be able to change the societal norm.

Fast forward to this past fall. Friends  (one of whom is my blogging mentor CC) encouraged me to sign the twins up for soccer. CC’s hubby was coaching soccer and she kept telling me that the boys would have a great time as their team was all about having fun.

The soccer season started off rough but the twins tried hard and with the help of their awesome coaches they made some vast improvements by season’s end. The Blue Flames may have only won a single game but they always left the field with a smile and a snack.

With soccer behind us, it was only logical to sign them up for basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring. The twins were 6 now and ready to play sports – and like it damn it!

Around the holidays I got an email from CC that her hubby Coach P and Coach B (from soccer) would be coaching baseball this year and that I should try to get the twins on their team.

Yay!! I thought. The twins loved the coaches, they would get to play with their friends AND I could hang out with all my soccer mom friends for the season (wasn’t that the most important thing?). It was win-win for everyone.

The boys were thrilled to be playing with their friends and to see Coach P and B again. They could hardly wait to get to their first clinic and start playing baseball.

I was a nervoud wreck when they left for clinic. They had never played baseball and I had no idea how they would do or if they would like it. All I could do was hope for the best and wait.

When they got home from clinic, I was greeted with smiles and chants of Baseball WAS SO fun Mommy…Coach B showed me how to throw the ball AND Coach P grew a beard on his face!!!!

I don’t have a crystal ball, so it’s hard to know how my boys (all 4 of them) will do in sports. They may love them, hate them or tolerate them but no matter what, it has to be their choice.

I have to remember that it is their lives, not mine, and my job is to support and encourage them in whatever they choose to do. I will always worry about them (that is my job) but I can’t let my worry get in the way of them living life.

Life brings with it success and failure and lessons to be learned from both. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, my kids see more success than failure but no matter what, they will know I love them.


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One thought on “Life and sports

  1. Hot Mrs. Jeter on said:

    I think sports are more exhausting for the parents than the kids!! If you had girls it would be sports + dancing + brownies and all that other girl stuff too!

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