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Just can’t shake it

IMG_6316So today is Tuesday and we are halfway through the month of January. The holidays seem like they were forever ago and the kids have finally settled into a somewhat “normal” routine.

The weather has been mild (knock on wood) and I don’t foresee any huge dramatic events happening anytime soon. Then again, I still have not gotten my hands on a crystal ball so what the hell do I know.

Everything seems “fine”, however, I just can’t shake this nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach.  It started over the weekend,  but I chalked it up to being “end of weekend jitters”.

Well here it is Tuesday and its still here. Hmmm, what could it be?

Nerves? Work? Kids? Life? All of the above??

You know…maybe it’s not a “nervous” feeling, maybe it’s that inner voice thing Oprah talks about – if Oprah says it, it must be right.

My gut is speaking to me and trying to get my attention, but what could it have to tell me?

Ugh, I hope it’s not something bad.  Oh crap, do i need to prepare myself for something bad? It’s only the 2 full week of 2013, doom can’t be here already.

Ummm, ok, I think I need to slow down a bit and stop being so damn negative. 

Perhaps the voice is trying to alert me to a change coming my way – a good change!

Wouldn’t that be fabulous?????!!

Ahhhhh, maybe I am on the brink of being “discovered” and in moments (days, weeks or months) my life will be changed forever.

A new career – blogger extraordinaire or dare I say being “freshly pressed”????

Maybe that one big “opportunity” I have waited to miraculously fall into my lap is really going to happen. OMG yay!!

I will be rich, famous, blissfully happy AND have lost the last 15lbs of baby weight I’ve been lugging around since 2006. Seriously….can it get any better than that??!!

The possibilities are endless but honestly, the only way that “one big thing” is coming my way is if I go get it.

I can’t just sit on my big ass and wait for it – although it would be SO much easier if my Faiy Godmother would bring it to me tied in a bow.

I guess only time will tell what my “inner voice” is trying to tell me. It’s a new year and I need to stop being lazy and figure out what I want and how best to get it. (suggestions appreciated)

In the meantime, however, if something great just “happens” I promise to share the news with all of you.


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One thought on “Just can’t shake it

  1. Hot Mrs. Jeter on said:

    Maybe it’s 2013 telling you it’s going to be a great year.

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