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Do over

imagesThe other day I was lying around with my new bff (my heating pad), nursing my herniated disk (and 3 pinched nerves), feeling slightly loopy on my pain meds when I got a text from Mrs. Jeter.

Jeter had been fairly quiet on this particular day, and I found it a little odd. However, I was pretty engrossed in my drama, having just endured an EMG test  (NOT FUN but doctor was sooooooo handsome) and dealing with some pain issues, that I didn’t really pay that much attention to her quietness until I read the text

Dude, you forgot today’s my bday! I am at bingo tho.

Holy F!!! I forgot Jeter’s bday. Crap, was today the 26th???? God damn it, I can’t keep track of the days anymore. OMG I SUCK!!!! immediately popped into my head.

How the hell did i manage to forget my best friend’s bday?????? How do you even respond to a text like that? Do you pretend you didn’t forget? Do you try to come up with some witty response? Or do you just suck it up and admit that you are a horrible friend?

I came up with the following response F I had the dates confused. I’m sorry – I SUCK so bad. I’m soooooooo sorry!! Let’s pretend it’s 7am….happy birthday to my soul mate!!

Luckily Mrs. Jeter forgave me and we have been able to put this behind us but I still feel terrible.

Then it hit me, wouldn’t it be great if we could all have a “DO OVER” button for situations like this? I know we are supposed to learn from life and its’ experiences yada yada yada, but seriously, a “DO OVER” button would really be useful in small, non-life changing situations.

I am not ashamed to say that I am not perfect (shocking right?) and that I have made a few mistakes lately. That being said, I think the “DO OVER” button would have come in handy for the following:

1) Forgetting Mrs. Jeter’s birthday

2) Not paying attention to the hundreds of papers and worksheets that the twins bring home from school, thereby throwing away the tooth brushing chart that was due back at school today. In my defense, was this really necessary? It’s kindergarten not dental school.

3) Thinking I was She-Ra: Princess of Power (remember He-Man from the 80s?) and using 18lb kettle bells when I was SO not ready

4) Not going to see a back specialist over Christmas when I had excruciating sciatic pain because I figured it would go away magically

5) Putting an end to my drama over the summer instead of carrying it into the new year

6) Thinking it was ok to drink like a fish and eat cake for 2 weeks before Christmas thus gaining back the 5lbs I had lost

7) Not majoring in education or nursing in college – wtf was I thinking with a Communication degree?????

8) Instead of crying about being home sick the first semester of college, I should have partied my ass off and

9) Stupidly reaching out to certain people to help in a stressful situation.

So friends out there in the great blogosphere, is there anything you would like a “DO OVER” button for?


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One thought on “Do over

  1. Do over button sounds like an excellent plan. I would do over having a big wedding and would have eloped instead. I would do over always having a roommate and would have lived alone for a bit. And of course all the missed bdays. (I’m sure Jeter knows you have a lot going on and forgave you. If she’s like me she isn’t much into celebrating old age anyway). 🙂

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