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It’s dress weather!

imagesIt is finally feeling like spring in the lovely Garden State. The sun is shining bright, my daffodils are blooming and today we it’s supposed  to reach a high of 79 degrees!!

The boys were thrilled that they did not have to wear a jacket to school today (it’s the little things) and I am amazed that this time last week I was wearing my down jacket – only in NJ.

Having always lived in NJ I know better than to get too excited for this springtime weather.  You see, New Jerseyans rarely get a real spring.

Rather we start off the season with temperatures near freezing. Just when you think you will never be rid of your gloves, Mother Nature throws us a bone for a week or so and the temps rise to the mid-70s. People are happy and smiling, car windows are down and life is good.

Around this time you start to put away your winter clothes, pack up the Ugg boots and fill the drawers with t-shirts and tank tops. Maybe you get a pedicure and start to dig out your flip-flops or do some sandal shopping at lunch.

Winter is gone!

And then…..the temps drop. Frantically, you search for your raincoat and long-sleeve cardigans and complain to co-workers that it will never be warm again.

Just when you think you will never see the sun or get to wear that cute new sundress BAM! The temps go back up…and up and up until it’s 90 degrees from now until Halloween.

That my friends is “spring” in NJ.

Hope you enjoyed your quick NJ meteorology lesson and now on to more important things – clothes!!

Springtime weather always makes me think of my friend Midgie. Midgie and I worked together for some 10 odd years and as soon as the weather started to get warm, Midge would get all excited and declare it was “Dress Weather!”

Soon afterwards, you could bet money that Midgie would strut her cute self into work wearing an array of cute sundresses or skirts complete with sandals and a smile.

Yesterday when I checked the weather and saw that it would be in the 70s at least half of the week, I texted Midge to alert her to “Dress Weather” and to see if she would be partaking in the ritual.

Hmmmm, not that I think about it, Midge next did let me know what she was going to wear (the nerve!).

Regardless, today I pulled a skirt out of the closet, ironed it and even shaved my legs all in honor of “Dress Weather”.

As I stood in front of the mirror, blinded by the whiteness of my legs, I was tempted to change into pants. Ugh, why can’t I look as cute as Midge in a skirt?

Well I didn’t change (I was running late) so here I sit in my skirt and bare legs (with my little heater under my desk) happy that it is spring and “Skirt Weather” – at least for now.

Happy Spring everyone!!


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