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Through the door…

So this week I thought I would take a stab at the DPchallenge. It’s my first time and I am a little nervous but heck, I guess there is a first time for everything right?

Traffic is a total nightmare tonight, what is it about rain that makes people drive like idiots??? It’s just a water, and cars do come equipped with windshield wipers.

Great, now I’m late. Why did I answer the phone, I wasted 20 minutes talking about something that could have waited till tomorrow.

Ugh, what the heck am I going to make for dinner? It’s almost 6pm, the kids will be starving. Hmmm, maybe Joe fed everyone? Haha like THAT would ever happen.

Finally, home sweet home (LOL). Guess I will have to make a run for the front door since my umbrella broke.
Ooooo, is that a package from Amazon? Is it for me, an early birthday present maybe??? Oh crap, it’s for Joe. Oh well, he can come outside later and get it.

Wait a second, where is my phone? Hey, what is going on with my key, it wont turn. Did Joe lock the door again or it the lock just stuck? Hello?? Can no one hear me?? Come on guys, let mommy in the house???!!


Finally I stumble through the front door and throw my keys on the table. Except the table is gone and the keys crash to the floor. Where is the table? What did the boys do now?

Wait a second, is this carpeting I am standing on? Um..this is weird, we have laminate floors. Did Joe buy a throw rug? Wait a second, I bet his mom sent this ugly thing and he insisted on putting it out. Super.

Boys? Boys where are you? Ok, game’s over, you win now come out!

Boys? Joe? I guess I’ll check the kitchen.

What the hell… OMG!! Where is my new granite countertop! Is that black and white swirl wallpaper?? Ok, this is SO not my house. I must be dreaming, I need to wake up. On the count of three I will wake up. Ready..1..2..3 wake up!

Nope, didn’t work I am still in a black and white kitchen.

Hey, wait a second, are those people sitting in my living room?? Hello?? Excuse me…who are you and why are you in my house?? Hello can you hear me???

Nothing. Either they ignoring me can’t hear me?

Wait a second, that’s not a couple, THAT’S ME AND JOE!

Holy crap, I feel like I am on The Vampire Diaries. Why did I let Mrs. Jeter talk me into watching that show and why did I watch it so close to bed last night? This must be a dream….

The couple start talking.

Nicole: Can you believe it?? We FINALLY own our very own house!!! OMG this is ours, we own it!!!!! We did it honey, I love you! OMG there is so much to do, where should we begin? I want to paint, and buy furniture and clean and what color do you think we should do the living room? Wait, can we take down this hideous wallpaper in the kitchen now?? Please???

Joe: Ummm I think we have time, we just closed on the place an hour ago, do we really need to start picking out paint colors? Hey, I know..let’s go to Home Depot!

Nicole: Can we get a dog? You promised I could get a dog and I really, really want a miniature dachshund. Can we name her Molly? Wait, did you say Home Depot? I hate Home Depot and…you know what, let’s go celebrate at THE HOME DEPOT!

This HAS to be a dream, there is no other way to explain how I am watching myself on March 13, 2002, the day we closed on our first (and only) house. Seriously, it’s May 8, 2013 this can not be happening. I need to wake myself up from this dream….come on wake up!

Obviously this is one of those dreams that is going to take a while to wake up from. Maybe I will just go along with it and listen to my younger, and thinner, self and see what she has to say.

Wow, look at her me us??? We are SO young!! I’m not even 30. Am I wearing khaki pants? Ugh, I look like I work at Target.

Those 2 people look so happy, so excited and so hopeful. They have so many ideas and dreams for this house and their lives in this house. Funny, they really have NO idea what is in store for them do they?

I wish they could hear me, or that I could talk to them. There is so much I could tell them.

Don’t afraid all the time, just go with the flow. Travel, travel and travel some more!

Go out to eat, play hookie from work and go to the beach for the day. Have fun! Enjoy yourself and more importantly enjoy each other.

Listen to each other and respect one another. There will always be bills and you will never have “enough money” so stop worrying and stressing over it.

Throw dinner parties and host holiday dinners. Fill the house with lots of laugher and memories.

Don’t worry about stains on the carpet or buying a dining room table (PLEASE don’t buy that huge one you saw at Fortunoff, it dwarfs the room) or hand prints on the walls.

Make sure to adopt both puppies, even when friends tell you that you’re nuts. Take advantage of sleeping late on weekends or taking a nap for no reason – trust me on this.

You will have kids – 4 boys actually (no I am NOT joking). There will be a set back in 2005 but just know it will be ok – YOU WILL BE OK.

Your kids will be happy, healthy and beautiful. They will drive you completely crazy on a daily basis but just remember that they love you and some day they will take care of you (lol).

Life will not be easy – just wait till 2013 –  but try to remember that “this too will pass” and that things will eventually get better.

Haha, I was complaining to my friend L at work the other day and she told me life is like climbing up a mountain.

I rolled my eyes and told her this mountain was a little too steep for my liking. L laughed and said “well no one said mountain climbing was easy!”

She was 100% right.


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3 thoughts on “Through the door…

  1. I love your story! I’m so happy you did the DP challenge! Great post 🙂 (this is good practice for November NaNoWriMo too! You’re doing it. Won’t take no for an answer 😉 ))

  2. I feel like I have been in your head, eavesdropping on your private thoughts…

    • hahaha did I scare you away (lol)! seriously, thank you for reading let alone taking the time to comment. I was scared to death to take this challenge AND post it! nice to “meet” you 🙂

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