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…you’re my inspiration….

Hello all of you out there in the great blogosphere. How are you today?? The beautiful Garden State has taken on a rainforest- like feel lately and I (and my hair) are so NOT happy.

It’s a short work week, thanks to the 4th of July holiday, and my office is DEAD (it’s awesome). Most of the attorneys are on vacation and everyone is keeping to themselves hoping and wishing there will be no “emergencies” tomorrow afternoon at 5pm.

My morning did not start happy – thanks to the 4 young people who cohabitate with me – but it started to perk up on my ride into work.

I was taking J to “camp” and he was very happy.  “Mirrors” was playing on the radio followed by “Genie in a Bottle” (it was like my birthday!) which helped.

Walking back to my car after J’s drop off, I started to feel inspired. WAY back in my first Random Monday Thoughts post here, I talked about how my friend Mrs. Jeter talked me into signing up for National Novel Writing Month.

I still can not believe that I actually signed up for the challenge.  The thought of WRITING A NOVEL terrifies me!!!!!!! I am a pseudo-blogger not a writer. However, I have slowly started to embrace (somewhat reluctantly) the idea and even signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo taking place the entire month of July.

I worked up the courage to actually tell someone, other than Mrs. Jeter, about this crazy idea last week. I assumed my friend Nic would laugh (either at me or with me) and that would be it.

You know what they say, never assume.

Nic actually listened and said it was a great idea. What are you afraid of…success? she said when I asked if she heard me correctly.

I explained that just the word “novel” intimidated the crap out of me. A novel has so many words and chapters, no way I could fill that. My use of grammar is lacking (to say the least) and I can’t imagine developing a story with characters to make up a NOVEL.

Nic took it all in, I could almost see the wheels turning in her head, before simply saying Why does it have to be one long story? Why not just do a bunch of short stories…make the last “chapter” tie them all together and you’re done.

Holy crap! I didn’t even have a sarcastic comeback. I just sat there speechless for a couple of seconds before responding with  ….short stories?? I never thought of that! I can do that!

I guess you can say that was my “Ahha Moment” and since then I have drafted “chapters” in my head. These “stories” pop in at random times so I started to keep a journal to help me remember. Heck, I may also buy a wireless keyboard for my Ipad but I’ll save the Apple store adventure for another time.

Anyway, getting back to the title of today’s post. I chose it not so you would have the Chicago song in your head, but rather because my dear friend Mrs. Jeter.

You see, Jeter is now a VERY famous blogger over at Waiting on a Word. She has been Freshly Pressed and won more blogger awards than I can even count.

Jeter’s most recent award was the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” and after reading her post last night, and being lucky enough to have been mentioned, it got me thinking about inspiration and how sometimes it just shows up, unannounced and uninvited.

Regardless, when inspiration comes knocking, it’s best to let her in, offer her an adult beverage and make her feel right at home.

That is my plan and I am asking you, my friends, to help me stick to it. No matter how many excuses I come up with (I am very good at making excuses) my plan is to have at least 2 chapters/short stories drafted by the end of July.

It’s a big challenge and I hope I am up to it but I may need your help now and then when I am feeling discouraged. Can you do that for me???

Thank you for reading and enjoy your Tuesday.

Ps – thanks Nic and Jeter for inspiring me to move outside my comfort zone 🙂


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2 thoughts on “…you’re my inspiration….

  1. You’re gonna do great! Barf it out and don’t worry about grammar until your thoughts are “on paper.” I am no expert but I’d be happy to read and edit for you!
    Btw, I didn’t even think of the Chicago song til you mentioned it but yes, now it is stuck in my head. Thanks for that.

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