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Daily Prompt: A Mystery Wrapped in an Engima

I don’t usually take part in the Daily Prompt or Weekly Writing Challenge – well except that one time here. They intimidate me a bit, especially when I read some of the great posts by other bloggers.

However, today Jess over at Waiting on a Word (a/k/a Mrs. Jeter) forwarded me the Daily Prompt: A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma  with a note saying “this is a good one” so I took a look.

Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

Hmmmm, interesting.  Why not. What the hell,  I thought.

There are lots of things people don’t know about me, well actually, there was probably more before I started the blogging.

Pre-blog no one knew I could “write”. Family, friends and even the husband were shocked when I shared the blog with them. I lost track of how often I heard OMG..I had no idea you could write?! after someone caught a post on Facebook.

Since starting the blog about 18 months ago, I have shared my love of Seinfeld, lip gloss and coffee. Exposed some to my less than stellar mommy moments as well as my crush on George (Clooney) and vampires.

Back in my early toddler years, I had a long time love affair with Fred Flintstone – what? I am much cuter than Wilma. I have never been sledding (no, never). I was in a sorority all 4 years of college AND even lived in the sorority house senior year.

What else?

I have never been to Europe, had a one-night stand or smoked a cigarette without vomiting afterwards. I have a really keen mall sense of direction – I can go to any shopping mall 1 time and forever after be able to tell you exactly where a store is located.

I can’t dance well and seldom do unless alcohol is involved. Last year the police showed up at my house when I inadvertently dialed 911 instead of 2911 (they even came inside the house). I can not parallel park and have only attempted to drive a 5-speed once (the husband’s Jeep in the Giant Stadium parking lot circa 1998).

Nah, I think the one thing that surprises most people, well at least it shocked the hell out of my friend Midgie, is that I can actually pump my own gas.

Yes, you heard that correctly. This 100% born and bred “Jersey Girl” actually knows how to pump gas!! Wait, there is more. Ready? I have even pumped gas on several occasions. Shocking right?

Happy Hump Day everyone and enjoy the 4th!


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