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Daily Prompt: My Life the book

Hello and Happy Saturday. Today I am hosting a very, very small swim soirée for the twins’ as a belated birthday celebration. They are having 2 friends over to go swimming in our community pool.

When I came up with this “brainstorm” I didn’t take into consideration 2 factors: 1) weather – well isn’t is always just supposed to be sunny, in the low 80s with little to no humidity in July in NJ?? and 2) me wearing a bathing suit in front of kids’ moms (or in this case a dad too but I am trying to forget that is really going to happen).

Anyway, I was taking a break from cleaning the house, in an effort to make it look like 6 people and a dog do not live in a 2 bedroom townhouse, when I checked my email.

There were the usual messages from Old Navy, The Loft, Ann Taylor and the Gap – everyone is having a “spectacular summer sale” btw.

Then, nestled in <!
between some random spam from a Canadian pharmacy, I saw The Daily Prompt <a href="http://the <a href="http:// Prompt a href=”http://the href=””> Prompt

Hmmmm…..that could be fun, I thought to myself as I went back to cleaning the downstairs bathroom.

As quickly as the thought popped into my head, it was gone when I got busy doing other things. A couple of hours later, however, I found myself with a little extra time. Hey…why don’t I think of who my biographer would be!! So here I am.

First, I thought I would try to impress those out there in the great blogosphere by naming some literary genius.

Nah, that’s not me.

Next I thought of my dear friend Mrs. Jeter. No one really knows me better than Jeter AND she does have that AMAZING writing talent thing going?????

Well she’s a possibility but I don’t know, if there was ever a time when someone would actually care about my biography, shouldn’t it be totally fabulous? A page turner that Hollywood execs would be clammoring to make into a movie – or at the very least an HBO/TNT mini series??

I would want my life story to be filled with love, romance, success, fortune and humor. I want the author to be able to capture my witty, sarcastic sense of humor and all the little quirky things that make me …well…me – just super sized.

And so my friends, I decided it would be a collaboration of 2 authors that I read when I was much younger and naive. Drum roll please…….Judy Blume and Danielle Steele.

Yes, you read those names correctly, it’s my biography and I can do whatevr I want right?

Judy Bloom shaped my pre-teen years with her stories of Blubber, Forever and Tiger Eyes. Ms. Bloom was always able to make her characters relatable to the reader while taking them on a jounrney they were sad to see end on the last page.

Ms. Steele is the opposite. I remember reading her books (borrowed from my mom) in the summers and wanting to be those women. THey were aways beautiful, strong and well liked and ALWAYS got what they wanted in the end — their very own happy ending.

Judy can write about my early years and Danielle could make my later years WAY more exciting than sitting in my kitchen on a Saturday afternoon listening to the twins play Skylander Giants on the Wii.

My hope is that between the 2 of them I find my Prince Charming and live happily ever after.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for reading 🙂

ps – this post was typed on my iPad using my new keyboard so PLEASE excuse all weird typos and links.


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One thought on “Daily Prompt: My Life the book

  1. I’d totally do your biography! It would be an honor. But having DS or JB would be awesome too. Maybe I could consult on the project …

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