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Daily Prompt: There’s no place like home?

Hello and welcome to my latest attempt at WordPress’ Daily Prompt – Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

It may or may not surprise people to learn that I am not much of a traveler. Growing up it was just my mom, brother and I and money was tight.

Mom always did her best to bring us on one big summer vacation in August. We did all the usual tourist/family locals –  Disney World , Hershey Park, Virginia Beach/Busch Gardens and the Jersey Shore.

One year Mom even managed to take us on a cruise to Bermuda. Me and my brother were THRILLED we were going on the Love Boat AND to another country!!

I was a broke college student so there was not much traveling – unless you count the trip back and forth to Newark, DE with the occasional stop over in Pennsylvania to visit a sorority sister.

I am not really sure what happened after college, probably lack of  money and a fear of flying, that prohibited me from really taking advantage of my singleness and lack of responsibility.

There were SO many places I should have gone and things I should have experienced. It’s a shame really now that I look back at my travel log.

I guess everything happens for a reason so, who knows, maybe someday Prince Charming will swoop me away for a world tour.

We will go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, pose in front of the Leaning Tower is Pisa and run with the bulls in Spain.

Charming and I will take a gondola ride in Venice and take pictures on the balcony of George’s villa in Italy.

Together we will lounge on the beaches of Nevis,  meet the “turtles” in the Galapagos Islands and share a pint in a pub in Dublin. Heck, if there is still time, we may even take a quick tour of London and pray for a Kate and Wills sighting (the icing on the cake!).

In reality, the farthest place I have been is Aruba but in my dreams I am a world traveler with a passport to prove it.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week!




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