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Random Monday Thoughts

Hello and Happy Monday friends out there in the great blogosphere. I am back from hiatus (again) and hope to stick around for a while and not go MIA again – at least not too soon.

Seriously, how could I disappear and not fill all of you in on the trials and tribulations of the twins starting 1st grade AND soccer, J starting kindergarten and L switching pre schools (that alone is a 3-part blog).

It’s gonna be a super fun September (insert eye roll) and I would like nothing more to take you along for the ride.

And now here is a Random Monday Thought:

1) See you in September…..

Last September I did a post titled “Happy New Year” and talked about how the month of September is technically like a new year – a new school year, fall sports and household routines.

The carefree life of summer with its late betimes, day trips to the beach and pool and beautiful weather are over. It’s time to hunker down and get back into the real world so to speak.

Personally, I need to take charge of my life (again). I have avoided reality this summer and as much as reality sucks, I do need to get back in the game. I guess it’s time to be more pro-active in a some areas  – with blogging and job searching at the top of the list.

As much as I wish I could live in a fairytale, deep down I know that is not going to happen, that it can’t happen unless I do something.

The kids are restless, they are tired of the pool, hot weather and “fun” trips to the mall and for ice cream. I can almost feel it in the air, a chapter is closing and a new one is waiting to begin.

I have no idea what expect or how to prepare for this new chapter. What I do know is that I will NOT be making any resolutions this year.

Nah, it’s better to just go with it. Trust my gut, hope for lots of luck and the help of friends and family – to not only get through this upcoming month but also survive.

All I can do now is hold on tight and try to enjoy the ride.

Have a good week.


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2 thoughts on “Random Monday Thoughts

  1. Forward progress… March onward !

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