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Daily Prompt: …and the winner is ME

When I first read today’s Daily Prompt I didn’t think too much about it. I was in the middle of refereeing a fighting between the kids, starting a load of darks and ironing something to wear to work. That’s a cute idea I wonder if  Jess over at Waiting on a Word will participate? I thought, before being side-tracked on to some other mundane task.

An hour or so later I was driving on my way to work, singing along with Taylor Swift, when thoughts and words starting forming in my head. Before Taylor sang the last chorus of “…trouble trouble trouble” the Break-out Woman Writer Award was created for none other than myself. Enjoy.

….and it is with great joy and pride that I that I am able to give the “Break-out Woman Writer Award” to my very dear friend Nicole… I am SO proud of you,  you deserve it!!

OH MY GOD I can not believe this is really happening…all of you out there are real right? This isn’t a dream is it? If it is a dream, I hope I can at least take in the moment before waking up in the middle to the sound of a child asking me where the plug is for his iPod touch.

When I got the call a telling me about this great honor, I was standing in my kitchen pouring juice and downloading a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle app – who says you can’t multi-task right?

All at once I was STUNNED, humbled, grateful and elated. I hung up the phone and started crying while a “This is Your Life” highlight sequence flashed through my head.

A few years ago, I was at an all-time low in my life. The husband and I were  broke, barely living paycheck to paycheck stuck in our 2 bedroom townhouse with 4 boys ages 7 and under. Sickness surrounded our family and I was overwhelmed to say the least.

Trying to be a rock for everyone, all the time is not easy. Yes, people do it all the time but it takes a toll. How could it not?

I remember being at work one day feeling very sad, heartbroken in a way, about what life was giving me. I was eating a Wegman’s cupcake in the shape of a hamburger (it was August). The cupcake was vanilla and filled with the best chocolate icing – as anyone who has had a Wegman’s cake knows.

I thought to myself this is it, this must be rock bottom – until the next day when I had an epiphany that Taylor Swift’s song “I knew you were trouble” was written for me then I knew I was at rock bottom.

There I was a forty-something, doubting everything about myself AND eating a cupcake. WTF is wrong with me??!?  Is this what you want for you? the kids? your life?

Do you want to remember yourself in 10, 15, 20 years as a pathetic cupcake eating woman who just gave up?

Hell no!

It was then that I actually said out loud, who knows…maybe in a couple of years I will FINALLY become something and I’ll look back at this point in my life and think YOU DID IT!

Crazier things have happened right? Maybe I can even inspire women stuck at a cross-roads in their lives. Sure there is no money, daycare is a disaster and my career is at a standstill but you are tough, you can get through this and you WILL succeed.

I actually inspired myself just then. Heck, I will find a new job – and it will be f’n awesome. Slowly my confidence will increase and I will FINALLY write my story. It may not be THE best story but it will be mine and no one can take that away from me.

Well I did write my story and something very strange happened after….people actually read it. People liked it, read it and told others about it and now here I am standing before all of you.

This is what it means to have a dream come true.

Thank you to everyone, especially my friends and family who put up with me on a daily basis. This would not have happened if it had not been for you.

Lastly, I would like to dedicate this award to my 4 boys. You all have a unique talent to drive me completely crazy and make my heart melt all at once. I may not always be the best mommy but know I love you more than anything and I am always here for you.

Thank you.

**This was written purely for fun and is a work of fiction so don’t panic Mom and family (LOL)**


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13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: …and the winner is ME

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  2. Congrats! The compition looked tough.

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  8. Nice job! Love the award 😉

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  11. Basile, Diane on said:

    Was all excited at first. What is happening to that book anyway?
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    Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP
    One Liberty Plaza, New York NY 10006
    t: +1 212 225 2209 | f: +1 212 225 3999 |

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