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Daily Prompt: But swimming in your water is something spiritual

I read today’s Daily Prompt  as soon as I got to my desk today so the last song I had heard on the radio, before getting out of the car, was “Locked out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars.

I have listened to this song on the radio for months, heck it is in a constant rotation on all the Top 40 stations  around here – or at least it was until Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” song hit the airwaves this summer – and Selena Gomez “Come and Get it” and that “Heart Attack” song by some other teenie-bopper chick.


I have never been “cool” when it comes to music. I was never into the indi, punk, grunge or alternative (that was back in the late 80s early 90s). No, I was always pretty happy with a Top 40 radio station playing the same songs over and over.

Hey, at least I knew the words right?

However, now that I am a mature, adult (with children) and I see, in print, the types of music I sing along to in the car, it kinda want to cringe AND never drive with my windows down.

Seriously, no 40-something should know the words to “Come and get it.” Yeah, it’s catchy but it’s Selena Gomez, isn’t she like a Disney channel kid who dated Justin Bieber??

Sure, I can use the excuse that my kids (ages 7 and under) force me to listen to Kid Bop cd’s (currently we are on Volume under 24)  but I am the adult in the vehicle. Ultimately I do have control over the music right?? (Actually that would depend on which child was in the car and their mood at the time).

Anyway, my 15 minutes are almost up so back to Bruno Mars. I had no idea what the 3rd line of his song was but I was pretty sure it was sex related –  since that is the premise of the song.

Imagine the look on my face when I googled “lyrics to locked out of heaven” and counted three lines down to …But swimming in your water is something spiritual

How the hell was I going to come up with 15 minutes of material on that??? E.L. James I am NOT!!

What I will say about this song is that it is catchy, I enjoyed singing along to it and i will NEVER be able to sing the 3rd line out loud again.

Thank you.


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