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30 Days of Thanks: Days 8-11

This month I am participating in “30 Days of Thanks” with my friend and fellow blogger CC at A Working Mom Today.  Hope you can check us out 🙂

Happy Monday afternoon friends out there in the great blogosphere. I apologize for not getting this posted in the morning but better late than never right?

As I mentioned last Thursday in my Day 7 post, weekends are difficult for blogging since I reside in Casa Chaos with my 4 boys. This past weekend was no exception since I attempted to potty train the almost 4yo (not to self: hire Supernanny Jo next time).

I didn’t want to skip days of thanks so instead, I thought it would be fun to summarize Days 8-11. Here we go:

Day 8:

It was Friday and I had my annual appoint at my ob/gyn. Ladies, this may not seem like ANYTHING to be thankful for BUT keep in mind that my children were ALL HOME FROM SCHOOL last Thursday AND Friday so this doctor appointment allowed me 2 hours of FREEDOM!!!!

Wait there is more. I have gone to this practice for 10 years and was a regular there for probably 5 years (back to back pregnancies will do that to you). I know everyone in the office so it surprised me when a new nurse called me back to check my blood pressure.

As she looked through my humongous file, she paused at my birthday and said OMG, is that age right?? I would have sworn you were in your EARLY 30s.

Needless to say she is now my new BFF and I am thankful for the compliment.

Day 9:

This was a tough day to have thanks for anything since potty training was not going over well with L. I have NEVER seen a child be so stubborn about peeing!

Seriously, I spent over $50 on “big boy underwear” AND a stupid Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle car  AND a potty chart AND stuffed him with candy and the kid would not pee!

This went on for hours and hours until I heard a little voice say Mommy…look it’s coming out.

O-M-G I have never in my life been so excited to see someone pee in a potty before!!!! Me and the other boys all cheered and told L how great he did!

Well all that has worn off and L is still being stubborn about the potty. However, I am thankful for the brief period of unconditional joy I felt Saturday afternoon.

Day 10:

I was able to go to the mall ALONE for an entire hour AND The Loft had additional 40% off sale.

Day 11:

Hmmmm what to be thankful for on a cold Monday morning?????

I was going to post something serious about sympathy and compassion but quickly remembered  the trouble I got myself into last winter. So instead I am thankful that the sweater dress I bought yesterday (for $25) fits!

Hope you have a great week!


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2 thoughts on “30 Days of Thanks: Days 8-11

  1. Good thankfulness! 🙂

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